Many friends who dream of going to Tibet will have the same worry: Can I overcome the altitude sickness?

Many of the relevant materials may have been read prior to the visit, deepening the understanding of Tibet, but at the same time too many terror descriptions of the altitude sickness are deeply imprinted in the mind: explosive headaches, suffocation, pneumonia, death. .

Therefore, the key to overcoming the altitude sickness is to overcome my own inner fear.

First of all, in the era of the construction of the Qinghai-Tibet Highway, the reason why so many people were sacrificed because of the lack of human nutrition in that era, coupled with the fact that they only know how to devote themselves to the revolution and do not know how to be healthy is the cost of the revolution; and we are now well-nurtured and the body The majority of health is only a bit squeamish, it is difficult to go to the roof of the world once again, and it is not enough to describe the difficulties of the process well, and to use the literary creation skills. The reader is stunned as a matter of course. SO: There must be sufficient psychological preparations for the altitude sickness. At the same time, we must also have confidence in our physical ability. I believe that I can overcome the temporary pain. Even if I suffer from headaches and difficulty breathing, it is a normal phenomenon, from the lowlands to the plateau. No reaction is strange, relax, relax, drink a little water, eat a sugar (sugar supplement); go straight to the hotel, sleep awake, control the grandeur of Potala, or the lively Bajiao Street, not Your business, if not, maybe... oh!

In addition, do not superstitious oxygen, do not smoke when not less than ten thousandths of a day or you will become dependent on drugs and lose the ability to withstand altitude sickness. When you go out on the move, you must take a slow, slow walk. Imagine that you are making a slow movie. In Tibet, people have no concept of time. In addition to fighting fires and catching planes, they can slowly come. Some people may have headaches at night, which may affect their sleep. It is recommended that you come to bed before you go to bed to enjoy a day of sleep.

If this does not work, then you may have been a tortured serf in Tibet in the past. This world can no longer and does not want to spend more time in Tibet. Go back home! !

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