The Shurebru II Peak, 8028 meters above sea level, is located at 76. 7 degrees east longitude and 35.7 degrees north latitude, and is located on the main ridge line of the Karakoram range. It is the fourth highest peak of the Karakoram range, and it is also the boundary between the world and Kashmir (Pakistan's actual control zone).

There are four main ridges in the Gusalubruma II peak: the northwest ridge, southeast ridge, east ridge, and southwest ridge. The northwestern ridge and eastern ridge are part of the main ridgeline of the Karakoram Ranges, and its northern side is in China. The shroud of the Shurebru II peak is steep, the peaks are in the sky, and the steep slopes are covered in snow and ice. The terrain on the north side is particularly steep and complex, and the avalanche is frequent. It has been extremely difficult to climb. As a result, no one has successfully climbed from the Chinese side. . The first to conquer this record was Austrian Fritz. Moravik, Hans. William Palt, Zep. Lalech 3 people. They climbed the summit along the southwestern ridge (Kashmir) on July 1, 1956.

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