At the time of printing, no matter which layout or pressurization method is adopted, the printer has a sheet feeder, a printing device, a delivery unit, and some auxiliary devices.

First, the paper feeding device

Sheet feeding device for sheet-fed printing machine

Sheet feeding methods for sheetfed printers include manual feeding and automatic feeding by mechanical devices. There are some general questions about the speed and accuracy of hand-feeding, which is rarely used nowadays. The automatic paper feeding device utilizes the mechanism to perform the paper feeding function, which can save manpower, reduce the labor intensity of the workers, increase the productivity, ensure the correctness of paper feeding, and improve the printing quality. Paper feeding methods for automatic feeders include friction type and pneumatic type.

Friction is based on friction wheels to separate the surface paper from the vertical stack. This kind of paper-feeding method has a simple structure, but due to the fact that the paper is divided by friction, it is easy to rub the paste, the paper is dirty, the thin paper is easily worn out, the paper separation effect is not accurate enough, and the speed is low. The continuous paper is used. The method is labor intensive and is rarely used nowadays.

Pneumatic paper feeding is the use of a gas pump to blow compressed air between several sheets of paper above the paper stack, and then the paper is sucked by the paper suction nozzle.

The suction of paper on the stack surface is separated from the pile of paper and can be divided into batch type and continuous type according to the conveying mode.

The intermittent feeding is a certain distance between the paper and the vertical, and the continuous feeding is that the front longitudinal edge of the back sheet is overlapped below the back edge of the preceding paper, and the two adjacent papers partially overlap, so there is Adequate positioning time, more accurate positioning, but also help improve the printing speed.

Figure 5-1 is a schematic diagram of the operation and cooperation of various parts of a continuous paper feeding device. First, the loose paper blowing nozzle blows loose the paper on the top of the paper feed stack. The paper suction nozzle moves downwards to suck and lift the top sheet of paper to prevent it from attracting double sheets, which is beneficial to the pressure of the paper blowing nozzle. Insert the air blow, press the paper blower against the second paper and blow it, separate the upper and lower papers, send the suction nozzle to the rear to move the paper, the paper suction nozzle stops inhaling, release the paper and lift it up. When the pressure paper blowing nozzle stops blowing and leaves the paper stack, the paper feeding nozzle moves forward to output the paper, completing the conveyance of one paper. The paper is sent to the regulation device for positioning through the paperboard. The high-speed feeder can feed nearly 200 sheets per minute.

2. Paper feeding device for web printing machine

The characteristics of the roll paper printing machine are high printing speed and large output, and it is commonly used for double-sided printing. Its paper feeding device outputs the paper tape and sends it to the printing device via a transfer roller.

The paper feeding device is generally provided with 1 to 3 webs. When the first web is about to be printed, the second web immediately enters the paper feed position from the ready position. The paper feeding device consists of a braking mechanism and a paper receiving mechanism. The brake mechanism is mainly to ensure that the tape is tightened during the printing process, so that the tape always maintains a certain tension in the working state to achieve the purpose of uniform feeding, and at the same time, when the tape is broken or the printing speed is reduced, the tape is prevented. Automatic rewind. Paper receiving mechanism

Figure 5-1 Mating Diagram of the Action of the Mouthpiece and Nozzle

When the new web is replaced, the paper is automatically shut off without stopping the machine, and the speed of the old and new paper is equal in the process of the webbing.

Second, the printing device

1. Printing section

There are various methods in printing. The difference is that in the pressure mode, the purpose of adding the printing pressure is to transfer the ink from the printing plate or the blanket to the printing material, and the pressing part is formed by the printing plate cylinder and pressing. The composition of the printing cylinder is composed of a printing plate cylinder, a rubber cylinder, an impression cylinder and its ancillary equipment in the offset printing method, and is called a printing part. In the printing method, there is an electrostatic printing method in which ink is adhered to a printing material by static pressure using a physical pressure, and a squeegee method in which printing is performed using a squeegee in screen printing.

2. Device version

Relief, lithography, and gravure are different because of their different media. Letterpress or resin version in letterpress printing

Attach to the platen or platen roller with a pin plug or pasted with double-sided adhesive cloth. Aluminum-based PS plates or zinc plates are mainly used in lithographic printing. The plates are rolled into cylinders and mounted on plate cylinders. In the bag printing operation, offset printing and offset printing are different. In gravure printing, graphics were made directly on the copper plate cylinder during printing, and printing was done mechanically.

3. Ink section

Output ink from the ink fountain, evenly attached to the surface of the plate, there is a series of related devices, these devices are similar in lithographic and letterpress printing, but different in gravure printing.

On lithographic and letterpress presses, a small amount of ink is transferred from the ink fountain roller from the ink fountain to the ink feed roller, and then transferred to the ink vibrator. After the ink is uniformed by an ink distributing roller, it is inked by a form inking roller (Fig. 5-2). As an accessory there is a stirrer.

1- Ink roller; 2-Ink roller; 3-Semi-ink roller 0

4,6-uniform ink roller; 5-ink roller

Figure 5-2 Inking device of lithographic printing machine

During gravure printing, the plate cylinder rotates at a high speed in the ink fountain and the excess ink is scraped off by the squeegee (Figure 5-3). The method includes a flooded roller method, an ink roller method, and a spray method. In the high-speed printing, more spray methods are used.

4. Water supply section

In offset printing, it is very important to keep proper moisture in the plate. Therefore, there is a water supply part on the printing machine. It consists of a water bucket, a water fountain roller, a damping distrbutor, and a dampening roller. A vibrator) and a form dampening roller. The water roller and the water roller are made of metal. Most of the chrome plating, water transfer roller and water roller are made of water glue. As shown in Figure 5-4.

Figure 5-3 gravure ink printing method 1 - water bucket; 2 - water bucket roller; 3 - water transfer roller;

4- uniform roller; 5-water roller;

Figure 5-4 Water supply device

In offset printing, the micro-adjustment of feed water is a very difficult technology. For this reason, new devices have been adopted for high-speed multicolor printing presses and offset printing presses. One is a brush roller type water supply device, as shown in Figure 5-5. It replaces the water transfer roller with a brush roller. The water bucket roller rotates continuously in the water bucket, transfers water to the brush roller, and the brush roller It also rotates continuously, the tiny droplets of water are thrown onto the string of water rollers, and the water is evenly transferred to the printing plate by the water roller. One is the Daglen water supply device. As shown in Figure 5-6, the water roller is cancelled, the water roller rotates in the water bucket, and the water transfer roller is in contact with the water roller and the ink roller, and the water roller is The water is transferred to the ink roller, and then the ink is transferred to the printing plate by the ink roller. The rotation speed of the water roller is about 20 to 25% of the ink roller. The speed of the roller can be changed to adjust the amount of water supply.
Figure 5-5 Brush roller water supply device Figure 5-6 Daglun water supply device
5. Attachments

Auxiliary devices in the printing apparatus include regular parts, folding parts provided on a web transfer machine, tape dampers, etc. These can be manually or remotely controlled or automatically controlled.

三、Drying device

After printing, make the ink

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