In all manuscripts, in addition to ink paintings, traditional copying techniques can be used - mainly in the three primary colors, and the black version is supplemented to obtain better copying effects. In view of the ink-washing Chinese painting, mainly ink, supplemented with color, focusing on the ink rhyme, ink defocusing, thick, heavy, light, light characteristics, to take ICR (non-color structure) replication process, the author applied the author's SG-818 electricity In the high-end networking and Mac operating system experience, talk about personal experience.

First, first pay attention to the operation of the scanning part of the electric extension

1. Correctly determine the density range of black and white fields. Because ink paintings are generally painted on rice paper, and the whiteness of the rice paper is low and grayish, it is necessary to add a 175 g/m2 imported copperplate paper on the north side of the paper, which is slightly larger than the artwork, to enhance the contrast. The determination of the high optical density should be based on the wind on white paper, so that the light-toned ink will be opened on rice paper, and the ink will show up with the traces of water flow. The dark density should be determined at the dense ink, with a density of 1.8-1.9, rather than at the focal ink or at the heavy ink. If it is set at the focal spot, the dark tone level is compressed, the tone is flat and dark tone density is not enough; if set at the heavy ink, the tone is combined and graded, and the shadow darkens.

2, the determination of hierarchical tone. The setting of BK-G is the key to the success or failure of Chinese ink painting reproduction. It should be set to 4 or 5 depending on the specific conditions of the original document, so that K in the secret dark ink is 97%. It can be 100% to make the tone more full. Determine the tone level should be grasping the light ink and dark ink network at the percentage, light ink is set to Y: M1%, C2%, K1%. Dark ink Y: M45%, C55%, K97%, should make the black version of the tone change can fully contain the level changes in the original.

3, choose the appropriate amount of USM. Appropriate selection of USM quantity can enhance the artistic appeal of Ink and Wash Chinese painting. It can reduce fading tone and enhance dark tone on the basis of USM volume 5-6-7-1 set in normal reflection draft, and set it as 3-. 5-7-1, making the atmosphere appear vivid in the mid-light tone, not blunt, secretly subtly structured, in line with the visual characteristics of the human eye for art appreciation requirements.

4, the color part of the treatment. Although Chinese ink painting is mainly ink, supplemented by color, but if you do a good job of adjusting the color, you can play the role of the finishing touch. Due to the use of inks in the long-order inktones and ink paintings, the duplicating colors will be darkened. The amount of 5%-10% of the black plate can be properly subtracted from the color correction channel. This can make the picture appear too heavy due to the ICR process. Boring, became the highlight of the copy of ink paintings.

Second, make appropriate compensation in Photoshop software

On a computer screen that has been calibrated, open the scanned image in Photoshop and check carefully whether the scanned image gradation contains all the gradations on the original. And according to the characteristics of the original manuscript, the use of curves to make appropriate adjustments. If you want to highlight the fog displayed by the level of the faint lightness of the manuscript, you can make adjustments to the curve a shown in the black curve.

The application of ICR technology can not only solve the problems encountered when copying using traditional techniques. If the balance of neutral gray is difficult, the level reproduction is to miss others, such as emphasizing shallow midtones, impaired dark tone, and maintaining dark tone levels, the light-medium level is difficult to accommodate, and it can solve problems such as ink drying and back dirtiness in printing. It can save the amount of color inks, provide the conditions for the dataization of the process, and standardize the operation, and provide an effective process for art reproduction of ink paintings.

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