Women's Day Outdoor Activities Planning Project Date: 2016-03-10 13:49

Women's Day is coming. Do you think how to spend the day? A good event can bring good memories to a person. Xiao Bian recommends the Women's Day activities for everyone. I hope this can be a Women's Day. Outdoor event planning programs can help everyone.

International Women's Day is coming soon. To celebrate the March 8th Women’s Day and to enrich the employees’ cultural life, unit companies specially hold the 38th Women’s Day outdoor event.

First, the purpose of the event:

1. Strengthen communication between employees and enhance team awareness.

2. Strengthen teamwork and motivate employees.

3. Enrich the cultural life of employees and show their charisma.

4, to create an up-and-coming festive atmosphere for the holiday employees.

Second, the object of the activity xx County enterprises and institutions (to enable the event to be completed, the preparation of three units, with the actual registration shall prevail)

Third, the activity time

March 8, 2016 (Sunday)

Fourth, the event location: xx County xx outdoor development training base (Xiaba Taoyuan Villa Live CS)

V. Activities:

The activity is divided into four sections throughout the day, each section contains about five small items

(1) Single-player game project (in each event project, the first three players are eliminated according to the individual competition elimination system)

(2) Team cooperation projects (sub-team cooperation, husband/wife cooperation/men and women cooperation, unit life CS PK match)

(III) Evening activities (music theme, singing and dancing before the raging fire, talent show)

(4) Group meals (in order to highlight the atmosphere, this group dinner will be set up outdoors and eat 100 people)

VI. Activities Participation:

1. The individual category games are conducted on an individual basis and an on-site registration system is implemented.

2. The team competition game is for all participants. When the game is temporarily grouped, it is not based on the department.

VII. Incentives:

1. The top 3 single-player games are eligible for event tickets, which can be redeemed according to the redemption instructions.

2. Team competition games, according to the ranking of the total time of each team's game-critical process, the top three teams are awarded prizes.

Successful teams who did not receive the awards all had participation awards.

3. Participating units can prepare holiday gifts and distribute them on site.

VIII. Living time schedule: 1. Arrive at the activity base before 10:00 (to highlight the theme of the event, send military instructors to each unit by xx, and walk from the main city to the activity base in an outing way, about one hour)

2. One-person PK project will be conducted in the morning after arriving at the event

3, 12 dinner

4. Team PK project in the afternoon

5, 17 meals

6. Night-time activity after dinner

Night activities such as: campfire night, barbecue at night, outdoor K song and so on.

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