Tea culture is a gem of Chinese culture. It has witnessed the rise and fall of Chinese civilization and has an irreplaceable special status in the minds of Chinese people. After a long history of development, tea has gradually formed a variety of different genres. Below the small series, I will come to you for the type of tea.

The types of tea in China can be roughly classified into six categories: green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea, yellow tea, and black tea.

1. Green tea: It is divided into fried green tea, baked green tea, sun-dried green tea and steamed green tea. Among them, West Lake Longjing, Huangshan Maofeng, Lu'an Melon, Taiping Monkey, Biluochun, Enshi Yulu, Xinyang Maojian, Anji White Tea, Nanjing Yuhua Tea are the best teas in green tea.

Fried green tea includes Zhenmei, Gongxi, Yucha, Zhenmei, Xiumei, Zhucha, Yucha, Xiumei, Mengding Ganlu, Longjing, Dafang, Biluochun, Yuhuacha, Ganlu, Pine Needle and other tea products. Baked green tea includes Chuan Bingqing, Su Bingqing, Zhe Bingqing, Hui Bingqing, Bian Bingqing, Maofeng, Taiping Monkey, Huading Yunwu and other tea products. Sun green tea includes Chuanqing, Qiqing, Shaanxi and other tea products. Steamed green tea includes tea such as sencha and jade.

2, black tea: divided into small black tea, Gongfu black tea, red broken tea. Among them, Zhengshan Xiaocai, Jinjunmei, Tuen Mun Black Tea, Yunnan Blush, Tanyang Gongfu, Zhenghe Gongfu, Bailin Kungfu, Chuanhong Gongfu and other tea-flavored black tea.

Small black tea includes tea varieties such as Zhengshan small species and outer mountain races. Gongfu black tea includes blush, blush, lake red, Chuanhong, Yuehong, Xianghong, Yuehong and other tea products. Red broken tea includes leaf tea, broken tea, sliced ​​tea, and end tea.

3, white tea: divided into bud tea, leaf tea. The tea in white tea includes white silver needle, white peony, Shoumei, Gongmei, and new craft white tea.

Among them, bud tea includes tea such as white silver needle. Leaf tea includes white peony, Shoumei, Gongmei, new craft white tea and other tea products.

4, Oolong tea: also known as green tea, is divided into Yubei Oolong, Weinan Oolong, Guangdong Oolong, Taiwan Oolong. Among them, Dahongpao, Tieguanyin, Narcissus, Cinnamon, Phoenix Single, and Frozen Top Oolong have no high-quality tea in Oolong tea.

Yubei Oolong includes Dahongpao, Narcissus, Cinnamon, Half Sky, Qilan, and Eight Immortals. Weinan Oolong includes Tieguanyin, Qilan, Narcissus, Gold Gui and other tea products. Guangdong Wulong Phoenix single æžž, Phoenix narcissus, Lingtou single æžž and other tea products. Taiwan's oolong includes frozen top oolong, bagged and other tea products.

5, yellow tea: including yellow bud tea, yellow tea, yellow tea. Among them, Junshan Silver Needle, Huoshan Yellow Bud, Mengding Yellow Bud, Longxi Huangda Tea, Guangdong Dayeqing, Beigang Maojian, Lushan Baimao and Pingyang Huangtang are the high quality teas in yellow tea.

Yellow bud tea includes Junshan silver needle, Huoshan yellow bud, Mengding yellow bud and other tea products. Huang Xiaocha includes Beigang Maojian, Lushan Baimaojian, Yuanan Luyuan, Daixi Huangxiaocha, Pingyang Huangtang and other tea products. Huang Dacha includes teas such as Daixi Huangda Tea, Guangdong Dayeqing, and Guizhou Hippocampus Tea.

6, black tea: including Hunan black tea, Sichuan black tea, Yunnan black tea, Hubei black tea. Among them, Anhua Black Tea, Ya'an Black Tea, Pu'er Tea, Hubei Laoqing Tea, Sichuan Biancha and other teas are high-quality teas in black tea.

Hunan black tea includes tea such as Anhua black tea. Sichuan black tea includes tea such as Sichuan side tea. Yunnan black tea includes tea such as Pu'er tea. Hubei black tea includes Hubei Laoqing tea and other tea products.

The above are the six major types of tea. Do you think that your friends have gotten a new skill? If you want to know more information or information, please continue to pay attention to the information of this site.

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