Shantou University Holds "Advanced Outdoor Development" Ocean Rowing Event Date: 2016-03-10 13:49

Guangdong Shantou University held an R45 marine rowing ceremony in Shantou on the 8th. The reporter was informed that Shantou University will select nearly 20 students to rowboat from Shantou to Hong Kong as an advanced outdoor development marine rowing boat event in the Shantou University Education Reform Project.

According to reports, under the support of the Li Ka Shing Foundation, Shantou University launched a marine rowing boat project in October 2015. It plans to select nearly 20 ordinary undergraduate students from Shantou University. Through a period of approximately one year's training, an ocean rowing boat will be implemented in early 2017. , from Shantou to Hong Kong, and to carry out conservation-related scientific education projects along the way.

Shantou University also hired a single-person boating transatlantic Guinness world record holder Charlie Pitcher of the United Kingdom as a consultant to train master students to ensure the safe implementation of the project.

Lin Danming, vice president of Shantou University, said that since 2009, Shantou University has conducted a series of advanced outdoor development activities. Shantou University students have set foot on the polar (Antarctic) and the plateau. This marine rowing event will be a new form, challenge, and training. Students’ teamwork skills.

It is reported that Shantou University commissioned a British company to manufacture two R45 marine rowing boats. The R45 marine rowing boat is designed according to the transatlantic and Pacific boating rules. The hull installation includes a seawater desalination system, an energy supply system, and a navigation and control system to deal with unknown marine conditions. The environment and challenges provide participants with adequate security.

According to the school's introduction, Charlie Pitcher's coaching team plans to conduct line checkpoints on March 13 and draw from Shantou to Hong Kong.

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