"2013-2014 China's Home Furnishing Industry (Beijing) Top Ten Brands Boom Report" as the eighth report released by Beijing Commercial Daily, gathered 180 of the top ten comprehensive stores, top ten professional stores, top ten quality furniture and other 18 categories. Each brand, each brand that has won the title of “Top Ten Brands” is a leader in their respective fields. It is worthy of peers in terms of management and word of mouth.

It is worth noting that this boom report focuses on the latest developments in the home industry, with three new “Top Ten” categories reflecting consumer trends. First, the top ten custom furniture brands, people from the traditional purchase of products to the pursuit of tailor-made, Shangpin home delivery, Feimei, Marg, KD and other custom furniture brands have been highlighted, showing great vitality; Second, the top ten mahogany furniture brands, Beijing has opened a lot of redwood stores in the past year, and has concentrated many redwood brands. All of the top ten mahogany furniture brands are influential in the country, especially in the Beijing market. Third, the top ten wall materials brands are integrated. The two industries of wallpaper and paint reflect the style of fashion on the wall.

In addition, the prosperity report set up ten major innovation brand awards, select some areas where the brands are not concentrated, and represent them as one of the most advantageous brands, reflecting the development of the industry, such as the network in the field of Meiz network, the training institution seven-star era, the ceiling brand AIA The online sales champion Bell, etc., has demonstrated innovative style in different fields.

Top Ten Data Shows Industry Development

The 2013-2014 China Home Furnishings (Beijing) Top Ten Brand Boom Report was supported by the Beijing Home Furnishing Industry Association and supported by the North Business Research Institute, and released the top ten boom data of the year.

3,724.29 billion yuan, is the market size of China's building materials and home furnishing industry in 2013; 23, is the number of home-based enterprises to be applied for listing; 36, the number of Beijing-branded furniture that is collectively inviting in Beijing; 60, which is led by the actual family to Milan. The number of dealers purchased; 10, Beijing Xinkai Home Store storefront and Beijing closed home store storefront, staged a home store upgrade drama in Beijing; 19, is the number of home stores in 2013 that “Double 11” teamed up to boycott Tmall; Home, is the number of Foshan ceramic enterprises that have collectively revised the industry's sewage standards; 147 million yuan, is the amount of CCTV gold resources won by Mengtianmumen; 30 years, is the three-layer solid wood floor promised warranty years... Ten strong data, true Intuitive and general presentation of the development of the industry.

Industry majors, innovation and quality are concerned

It is worth mentioning that the top ten news events, the top ten innovation protagonists and the top ten quality blacklists released in this boom report are not only influential in the industry, but also attract great attention from consumers.

The boom report took stock of the first show of Milan, the sensation of the first show in Milan, the failure of Red Star Macalline to buy Jisheng Weibang, the East Yiri blooming home improvement company listed first, the honeybee tile to give up the Chinese name to change the name IMOLA, Meiz online line first OSO mode and other top ten news events According to the indicators of innovation, influence, consumer recognition and other indicators, the selection of the first squatting house lighting "clear price", Red Star Macalline nationwide implementation of "FUN life", TATA wooden door to take the World Cup push mute door, new middle Source ceramics and Miss World launched the top ten innovative marketing events such as beautiful marketing; according to the brand's popularity, the harm of unqualified items, the handling attitude after the problem, and other indicators, released the annual top ten quality black list, respectively Hansger Ya faucet, Mercury home textile, Pulemei faucet, Dongpeng bathroom, Columbine children's furniture, Yuting furniture, Rhine sunny floor, Philips LED lights, Bauhinia paint, Nuoro radiator. Beijing Business Daily reporter Xie Jiating

2013-2014 China's home furnishing industry (Beijing) top ten brands

Top ten comprehensive store brands: Real Home, Red Star Macalline, Jimei Home, Beijing Building Materials Economic and Trade Building, Chengwaicheng, Lanjingli Home, Jiahe Jiamei, Wanjia Lights, Midland World, Guomen No.1

Top ten professional store brands: Xiaolong, Xianghe Furniture City, Gulou House, Gaoli International Lighting Port, Bandung Huiyang, Shilihe Lighting City, Midland Jushang, Ronghe Home, Baimuhui, Far East Mercure

Top ten Beijing furniture brands: Qumei Furniture, Top 100 Furniture, Yifeng Furniture, Ai Ruisi, Non-Family Furniture, Ronglin, Huari Home, Tiantan Furniture, Powerful Furniture, La Casa International Home

Ten quality furniture brands: Peugeot Furniture, Zhongzhixin Furniture, Red Apple, Gujia Home, Meikemeijia, Lai's Furniture, Dynasty Furniture, Left and Right Furniture, Fuye Home, Guangming Furniture

Top ten style furniture brands: Oriental Parkson, Shenghua Furniture, Yitong International Home, Oasis Island Furniture, Ou Jia·Muni, Knightl Furniture, Nordic Entertainer, Yipin Muge, Yilibert, Wowang Furniture

Top ten fashion furniture brands: Mousse, Sui Bao, Jin Kaisha, Senna Fengqing, Ou Rui Furniture, Styroland, E&N Smart Furniture, Yi Si Meng Sha, Li Hao, Elvis Presley

Top ten custom furniture brands: Shangpin home, Feimei furniture, Sophia wardrobe, European wardrobe, Marg custom furniture, Shi Niman, KD, Dinggu, Hao Laike, Stanley

Top Ten Children's Furniture Brands: Love, Songbao Kingdom, Colorful Life, Cool Man, Happy Station, Harry Chalet, Cute, Kang Pu Le, Douding Manor, Star Meishu

Top ten mahogany furniture brands: Yuan Henry, Long Shuncheng, Youlian·Yiwen Boya, Taihe Muzuo, Meilian, Huanglinyuan, Ming Dingtan, Zhuomu Wang, Year of the Red, Zodan Shi

Top ten international home brands: Blue Morning Home, Fengyide, Law House, Simmons, Sleepmaker, IMOLA Ceramics, GAMMA, Swiss Lusen, Feimei Global Flooring, Arclinea Cabinet

Ten people's clothing brands: Dongyi Risheng, Yezhifeng Decoration, Shichuang Decoration, Boloni, Lewu Home Decoration, Modern Decoration, Yuanzhou Decoration, Yaguangya Decoration, Canoe Decoration, Nine Space Overall Design Agency

Top ten flooring brands: icon, nature, living home, del, scholarly door, world friend, Jiusheng, Panmei, Bafike, Dayishu

Top ten wooden door brands: TATA wooden door, Mengtian wooden door, Boliang wooden door, Holz, Yiyuan wooden door, Boyi wooden door, Longding wooden door, and Zhangmumen, Rishang, Fumanmen

Top ten cabinet brands: Ou Pai, Boloni kitchen, Zhibang kitchen cabinet, Gifford, Louis Farrow, gold kitchen cabinet, Daxin, Wrigley cabinet, Weifa Vifa, Auberge

Top ten ceramic tile brands: Nobel Tile, Marco Polo Tile, New Zhongyuan Ceramics, Wrigley Tile, Enoch Tile, L&D, Crown Pearl Ceramics, Changgu Tile, Jianyi, Huimei Tao

Top ten sanitary brands: Lance shower room, Wrigley bathroom, Faenza, Jiumu, Huida bathroom, navigation standard bathroom, Dongpeng sanitary ware, Glidei, Imperial ware, Hengjie bathroom

Top ten wall materials brands: Grammy wallpaper, soft wallpaper, German Ai Shi wallpaper, Ruibao wallpaper, Te Pu Li wallpaper, Mei Ke wallpaper, German Dufang paint, Dulux, Carpoly paint, Lanshe diatom mud

Top ten innovative brands: Meiz network, together with decoration network, CIDE international door exhibition, Huilong coating, AIA ceiling, Bell floor, holy fire heating, Qixing Times Home Business School, Beijing Building Materials Inspection Institute, Shilihe Home Building Materials Culture Street

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