[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Beauty people can't control the desire to buy beautiful things. The space in the house can't suddenly become bigger according to your needs one day. Then, should you consider the problem of storage, if the clothes are too More, but also need to often match, you can use the stylish creative coat rack, they are not only small size, can be applied in any corner, choose such a cloakroom, not only for your life to add fun, but also for the beauty of the bedroom.

Product recommendation one: candy colorful coat rack

Coat rack

Overall appearance: This candy hanger has hooks of different sizes. It is super practical and uses solid colored solid balls. It is woody and has a more textured texture than plastic balls.

Wardrobe shopping guide

Detail 1: The colored ball is polished and then polished to ensure that the surface of the ball is smooth and free of pits, and then the paint process ensures that the color of the ball is bright and flawless.

Wardrobe storage

Detail 2: The bracket is electrostatic powder coating. After more than a dozen processes, it will not rust and fade, and will not oxidize for a long time. Welded steel strip, the frame is firm, and the wire frame structure can be directly mounted on a wall or other surface for convenient use.

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Edit Comment: This candy color hanger design is cute and fun. It is a practical hanger that can be used to hang hats, umbrellas, coats, scarves, etc. Solid wood balls plus welded steel bars guarantee quality. It is very practical and life-friendly after being placed in the entrance hall wall or behind the door.

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