The size of the mouthpiece of a lithographic machine depends on two aspects. First, how much is the bite of the teeth; the second is the advance of the blanket cylinder and the impression cylinder. Both add, equal to the mouth size.

How much the bite paper bite depends on how much the teeth of the impression cylinder bite. Because of the design problem of domestic printing presses, the impression cylinder must be at least 3mm ahead of the blanket cylinder so that when the pressure is applied, the embossed cusps do not encounter the front edge of the rubber and damage the eraser.

1, so that the impression cylinder bite less bite paper, which can be achieved by reducing the front gauge, generally 3 ~ 6mm, too easy to lose paper, too much easy to bite the rotten paper.

2. The tooth tip of the impression cylinder is restored to the thinnest point. The thinner the cusp, the smaller the bite may be, but the bite force is too small to easily fall off the paper.

3. The lead volume of the impression cylinder and the blanket cylinder is determined by the blanket tensioning device. The smaller the radius of the front edge of the rubber cylinder is, the smaller the lead is, and the smaller the mouth is.

4. The domestically opened new 08 machine mouthpiece 7~8mm is completely possible, the old model is slightly larger 1~2mm, the entrance of the Heidelberg CD102 can also reach 7-8mm, but like the small Japanese Japan's Qiubai (Akiyama) Komori wants 10~12mm.

5, open white material, as little as possible light edge, bite the mouth can solve a lot of confusion.

The restaurant decorated in a modern style, a wide range of soft bag chairs have become an integral whole restaurant-style embellishment. As consumers, because of its small, comfortable, independent and much loved. For restaurant owners, free-standing and space is an important factor in their choice.

Soft bag chair is a sponge, cloth or soft leather bag named. There are two common all soft bag chairs and semi-soft bag chairs on the market. The so-called package is a totally flexible backrest and cushion are sponges, then Gapi material or soft bag made of cloth. The semi-soft bag chairs generally only cushion soft case. From the fabric, the leather chairs and fabric soft pack soft bag chairs face the choice of different, with skin, Busha choice is the same, in the end is good or better choose leather sofa fabric sofa, in fact, each has its own characteristics, The most important thing according to their own style of decoration and customer preferences.

Soft bag chairs are made of high quality wood frame inside the building, solid structure, angle in accordance with ergonomic design, better use of improved function and quality of the chair. Soft pack part made of high quality sponge, cotton high density multi-layer structure, ride comfort, spring rate, and durability.

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