This year's "Double 11", Tmall and Taobao received sales of 35 billion, of which household products have grown rapidly, and other third-party e-commerce platforms have also joined, hoping to take a share from online shopping. On the one hand, the traditional e-commerce of all major platforms constantly refreshed the transaction figures. On the other hand, it is the e-commerce platform that the family has adhered to the “four-in-one” principle, and it has also achieved more than expected operations. Is the "spring" of home e-commerce coming?

"Double 11" sales are gratifying

In the early morning of November 12, Tmall released the “Double 11” big promotion data in 2013 through the official Weibo. 24 hours a day, Alipay realized a successful payment of 188 million, with a turnover of 350.19 billion yuan, 78% compared with the same period last year. 83% growth. Among them, the contribution of household products is huge. According to the data, as of the early morning of the 12th, the total amount of Alipay transactions is TOP10, which is the three home brands of Luolai Home Textiles, Fuanna and Linshi Furniture.

Among them, Luolai Home Textile ranked fourth with 155 million yuan, Fu Anna ranked seventh with 116 million yuan, and Lin's wood furniture ranked ninth with 110 million yuan. According to Lin's wood industry, starting from the early morning of the 11th, 17-minute single-store sales broke 11 million yuan, and 30 million yuan was broken in one hour. By 13:30 on the 11th, sales exceeded 100 million yuan. According to another data, Linshi Wood, Quanyou, Gujia Home, Zhihua Shi, Yalan, Ou Rui, etc., which ranked in the top ten sales of furniture, all exceeded 20 million. The top ten sales of building materials category, such as Jiu Mu, Op Lighting, TATA, Wrigley, and Ao Duo, all exceeded 21 million yuan, a large increase compared with the same period last year.

It is reported that the turnover of the No. 1 building in the building materials category was 73.63 million yuan, and the number of goods sold was 348,000. The number of Ou Pu lighting in the second place was 67.85 million yuan, and the number of goods sold was 92,700. In addition to Tmall, the CEO of Melody Furniture Network Gao Yang also told the media that although he did not participate in the activities of Tmall, he just took a ride to make a promotion and achieved tens of millions of sales on the day of “Double 11”. There is a clear increase over last year.

Traditional enterprises develop steadily

Regardless of Tmall, Taobao, or some other third-party e-commerce platform, "Double 11" has become a major holiday. The e-commerce platform of the traditional store actually home - actually online, also chose to operate on this day, for this reason, there are many online and offline activities.

According to Wang Xiaokang, the general manager of the online company, the “double 11” day online click rate of more than 200,000, the number of registered consumers reached more than 6,000, the transaction amount, the single brand performance of the best nearly 1 million yuan, Such as the TATA wooden door. Wang Xiaokang said that the results have exceeded the company's expectations. "We originally hoped that we could get on the line smoothly without major complaints. Now it seems that the sales results are also very impressive."

It is understood that the online online O2O model, according to the "same business entity, the same product, the same price, the same service," the four principles, adhere to online and offline collaborative development. Different from the third-party e-commerce platform, the online advantage is based on the existing business channel resources of the home. On the one hand, it provides more convenient and convenient choices for home consumers in the actual home consumption. The merchants are reaching out to consumers with high-end online platforms of the same brand, so it seems that the increase in sales is not so urgent.

However, some companies have indicated that the online sales volume of the "Double 11" home furnishing this year is not satisfactory. According to Chen Zhiyu, president of Beijing Aibo Chao Investment Co., Ltd., the sales of “Double 11” Aibo Chao store reached 9.18 million. “Our expectation is to break through 10 million, which is worse than expected.”

Consumers say

Some products have to be mentioned

Xiaojie, staff of technology company

Last year, "Double 11" cost more than a thousand, but mainly clothing. This year I made a plan ahead of schedule and spent more than 5,000 at a time. I bought a lot of building materials, including the American standard toilet, Zhongyu's shower, Ao Duo's lighting, and some deodorized activated carbon bags. I still wanted to buy a bathroom cabinet, but most of them had to go to the logistics point to mention it. It was inconvenient. The American standard toilet was decided to be bought because of delivery. Some products are prepaid in advance, and the "Double 11" can be paid in the same day. The price seems to have risen a bit. However, there are some products. After we paid the deposit in Tmall, we found that Jingdong was cheaper and the deposit was not refundable. It felt quite bad.

Reporter experience


Low-cost promotion effect is obvious

In the early morning of November 11, the reporter opened the Tmall page and found that several products pinned with "nails" the previous day have different price cuts, such as "opple op lighting counters authentic lamps modern minimalist living room ceiling lamp MX960 234W side Jun, the previous day's screenshot shows the original price of 1691.43 yuan, the discounted price of 592.00 yuan, and now after the discounted price and added a shopping carnival price, became 532.80 yuan.

At 11:12 on the 11th, the reporter observed that the transaction records of many special products were obviously refreshed. For example, the Linshi wood brand leather art sofa, the price dropped from 10,000 yuan to more than 4,000, the transaction record is several The pages are all November 11. According to the page display, the total number of sold items was 1,784, and 517 were sold in the most recent month, of which 312 were sold at the time of November 11, accounting for more than 60% of the current November sales.

"Hua Ri Home Furnishing Solid Wood Frame Contrast Fabric Sofa L Combination Sofa Multicolor Combination Sofa Detachable Sofa", currently selling 7 products in November, all sold on November 11th. At the same time, when the reporter bought the product in the early morning of the 11th and at 22:00, there was a brief congestion situation. The page stayed at the prompt of “the checkout counter is too busy” and it took dozens of seconds to jump.

Actually online

Can see the place of purchase

At 10:29 am on November 11th, the reporter opened the official online website. You can see that there are products in the six stores in Beijing. Although there are only some recommended brands, they also include more than ten categories and numbers. Hundreds of brands. At present, it is divided into six major sections: building materials, furniture and home, brand, home improvement, physical stores and all commodities.

In a single product, in addition to a brief introduction to the product, price, shipping costs, etc., there is also a simple experience store map that tells consumers where to buy. For example, a Ronglin·Betelnut Southeast Asian-style walnut coffee table is displayed as the Shop No. 006 on the 2nd floor of Hall 1 of the North Fourth Ring Store.

When the reporter selects a product to be purchased, he sees that the “stocking period is 45-60 days. If the delivery date you choose is less than the maximum stocking period, you need the merchant to confirm before you can continue to pay”. The reporter immediately contacted the customer service, because the other party is not online, need to stay in the phone and other contact information. About 11 o'clock, the reporter received the customer service phone of "Ronglin·Betel Nut Furniture" and was told that the normal product production cycle is 40-45 days. If you need expedited delivery, you need to know the product model in detail. After some inquiries, the other party said that it is currently in stock, and can arrange delivery on the 20th of this month. There is no extra charge for early delivery.


Long duration of activity

On the home page of Qumei E-commerce website, the most obvious one is the double 11 promotion advertisement of Qumei and Tmall, and there are labels such as “Tmall double 11 special offer as low as 2.2 fold”. The new product display area below the Qu Miao website also launched a variety of new products that are limited to buy, such as "Night Cat CD-13WS-M-15 1.5 m mattress", the original price of 4089 yuan, the current price is only 2453 yuan, can save 1636 yuan. The reporter immediately consulted Qumei customer service. The other party said that the event will last for the whole month of November, not limited to these days, while the delivery time in Beijing area is 15-20 working days.

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