China 2013 Self-employed Travel Route Selection Nomination Route Launch Conference held in Shanghai Anting Auto Exhibition Center

Today, 66 nominated routes for the 2013 China Self-Directed Travel Route Selection were formally released at the Shanghai Anting Auto Exhibition Center. These routes were produced by 36 opinion leaders from the 153 short-listed routes screened by the Organizing Committee.

Guests presently concerned about the nomination route

Chengdu Departs from the Dreams of Heaven Heaven Sichuan Tibet and Haikou Tour Hainan Island, Beijing Departs from Inner Mongolia Darinol Lake, Taipei Delights Taiwanese Food, Shanghai Starts Winter Dreams in the Winter in Southern Zhejiang, Hefei Departs from the Experience in Hongcun, From Changchun, experience the snow-snow journey from Changbai Mountain, Cantonese cuisine from Guangzhou, mirage from Shandong Changdao from Jinan, view the Hani terraces from Kunming, visit the Miao style of 1000 from Guiyang... These are only part of the 66 nominated routes. Compared with the first session, the quality of the route has been significantly improved. In the five categories of geography (or nature), humanities and leisure that are fixed on the long and middle lines, each route features distinctive features and rich content. The short-term theme subdivision of ancient towns, meditation, There are seven categories of extremes, food, water, line photography, and culture, reflecting the new trends and new ways of driving in China in recent years.

The 66 nomination routes are designed according to the Chinese weekend weekend, holiday golden week and paid annual holiday system and consist of 12 long lines, 18 middle lines and 36 short lines. The lands passed through the two sides of Greater China - except Tianjin. There are no routes for Chongqing, Hong Kong, and Macau. The departure points are concentrated in the first and second tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Kunming, and the capitals of other major tourism provinces. They can really be used by mainstream users traveling by themselves on the road, and It also reflects the annual appraisal of China's self-driving tour route and encourages self-driving tour enthusiasts to use planes, trains and other large transportation methods to reach the proper departure point, and then rent a car and take a green tour.

Chen Jun, Director of Public Relations of Aijia Media, introduced the progress of the route selection

The 66 road book nominations for the nominated route will be released on the same day of the official website on October 1st for users to experience driving, comment sharing, supplementary correction, and finally vote online to select their favorite 36 annual routes. From October to December, in the three months of this golden autumn and harvest, the organizer Aijia Media will launch a nationwide experience of 66 users and 36 roads with strategic, in-depth and local partners. Take a good route to get up - through the Tencent network car network, NetEase news client to conduct a loud voice of the impact of the country's self-driving tour users, and Youku, SIPA Shipa Photo Agency jointly solicited comments selected from driving video and pictures, and car rental, high Germany The software promotes users to experience the route together, and through the local media portals such as and, these local media portals mobilize local users to nominate their own hometowns for 36 routes. As one of the warm-ups, the organizing committee will work with the “Travel Times” next week to specifically recommend 99 routes on the basis of the 66 nominated routes for the national users to take the lead in the Mid-Autumn National Day holiday.

2013 China Driving Route Selection Route nomination route before the conference warm field

Following last year, the annual selection of China's self-driving routes, which was organized by Ai Da Media and loved by the entire network, was once again announced on the first day of the opening of the CAS China Shanghai Tuning Car, because the booming self-driving tour greatly stimulated the demand for public modification. Self-driving tour and modification are the two important sections of's focus on advocating automobile life. CAS is an important stage and indicator to show the domestic demand for car modification culture. It also coincides with the Shanghai Tourism Festival shopping festival Jiading series activities in Anting. The launch of Car Carnival is one of the important events.

It is understood that from the beginning of this year, the annual selection of China's self-driving travel route will try to mobilize the enthusiasm of the tourism bureau, scenic spots, travel agencies, clubs, media communities and senior players. From June 6th to September 6th, a total of 1,018 participants were recruited. From the portal forums, clubs, professional media, travel agencies, individuals and tourism bureaus, respectively, accounting for 32%, 22%, 21%, 19%, 5% and 1%. Among them, professional portal forums such as Easy Carnet specialize in the selection of sea selection campaigns, such as the China Economic Weekly, China Leisure Fishing Magazine, and tourism information media to select high-quality routes, such as Chengdu Pango Group Club, Kunming Kanghui Yonghui Travel Agency, etc. Self-driving tour operators send classic products, while some senior players and tourism bureaus in East China actively recommend routes.

Annual Selection of China's Driving Routes

Sponsored by Aijia Media, the company is jointly initiated by authorities, senior opinion leaders, and national mainstream professional media. Through expert review and online voting, it is recommended for self-driving tour enthusiasts in China.

The selection started on June 6th each year, and the route for self-driving was collected nationwide. In September, 36 opinion leaders selected 66 nomination routes by means of communication voting, which was announced on the selection official website on the eve of the National Day Golden Week for self-driving tour users. Online voting and offline experience, when the end of the 36 announced China's most popular self-driving tour route, and then by an expert rating, and finally in the next year on March 6 awards ceremony for China's self-driving tour of the annual route presented gold and silver bronze 12 categories 36 Item awards.

Please pay attention to the China Self-driving tour route selection WeChat public number "This life will drive 36 roads" (ID: ijia36), keep abreast of the progress of the event, access to the introduction of the introduction of the voting, voting 36 selections of China's self-drive route.

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