The indoor air quality was tested, but the result was unqualified but it was not found because of this. This caused many owners to fall into the embarrassing situation of “living, not living, looking for, and not finding a responsible party”. The general owner will choose to carry out indoor testing before staying in the new house, but it is because the air pollution caused by the decoration work or household products is not known. Some people have put forward the view that “air testing can be carried out after the renovation and before the check-in.” Is the second test feasible?

Industry Status

Exceeding the standard does not know the source

The average consumer will choose to conduct indoor air testing before check-in. At this time, the renovation work has been completed and the furniture products have been moved in. However, the current air quality testing agency, although able to find out which substances in the air exceed the standard, can not find out the specific source of the standard.

For example, if a family finds that the formaldehyde in the air exceeds the standard after the test, since both the white latex and the composite floor contain formaldehyde, it can only be inferred that the air pollution may be related to the white latex or the composite floor, but it cannot be determined that Due to what kind of substance.

If you want to detect the specific source of pollution, you need to send all the samples of the materials to the relevant units for testing, which is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also the cost of testing is very high, many families can not afford.

Problems appearing on each other

Because the source of pollution is not clear, many consumers have encountered the problem of “mutually pushing and unsolving” after detecting the problem. “The construction unit said that it is an environmental problem of furniture products. The furniture company said that it is the air pollution caused by the construction unit, but because there is no way to find out the source of the pollution, the result can only be borne by itself.” Mr. Liu, the consumer who just renovated the house Say.

In fact, the situation encountered by Mr. Liu is not infrequent. Many consumers who have children at home do not dare to stay after renovation. They have to wait a month or even half a year to move into a new house because of air pollution problems. Since only one air quality test was conducted before the check-in, and the specific source of pollution was not found, the final consumer could only find a solution to the problem.

Detection unit is more complicated

In Baidu search for "indoor air quality testing unit", there will be hundreds of results. At present, there are a lot of testing units inside the home store, but many units have no formal testing qualifications, and the chaos continues. In addition, many false advertisements such as “zero formaldehyde and no pollution” produced by many air control units have fainted the eyes of consumers.

Ms. Wang, who lives in Yaojiayuan, said: “There are too many testing units, and I don’t know which ones are formal and which ones are not. I don’t know how to choose them!” Because of the problems of detecting units, chaos and miscellaneous, I don’t know how to Choosing a regular testing unit and not accepting the test results are all problems that consumers are facing now.

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