All along, health product bottle packaging is in the plastic bottle packaging market, both design and material aspects are more forward-looking. Health care bottles often do not account for the cost of packaging due to the needs of the market. In the packaging materials from glass to PET to metal packaging, as long as the appearance can reflect the high quality of health products, the market will dabble.

In recent years, the packaging market began to gradually start blowing "fair" style. Luxury bottle packaging health products began to be criticized by the market. Health care products are usually packed with health products, as well as multi-layer packaging such as an outer carton, which causes great waste of resources. More and more consumers have begun to blame this unreasonable packaging of health products bottles.

In this regard, China Packaging Bottle Network believes that the use of PET health products bottle packaging, resist multi-layer carton and other plastic packaging, boycott metal and other material packaging is appropriate. PET health products bottle appearance transparent, while creating a variety of high-end appearance, very in line with market demand.

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