Traditional cabinets tend to be conservative and standardized in design. With the growing consumer demand of the majority of owners, the custom cabinets with both personality and fashion have sprung up to form a new market segment, which is favored by consumers. However, there are many problems with custom cabinets, and the owners should pay great attention to the inspection.

Custom advantage

At present, a large number of custom furniture companies have appeared on the market. On the basis of mass production, these companies regard each consumer as a separate market segment to meet their individual needs. At present, the custom-made furniture mainly includes a whole wardrobe, an overall bookcase, a whole cabinet, a walk-in closet, and a wall-mounted wardrobe. For consumers, custom furniture can not only meet the individual needs of consumers, but also design according to personal interests, design a variety of color matching, rich and innovative products, which is not possible for mass production of popular furniture. Comparable. At the same time, custom furniture can be customized because of the various attribute parameters of the furniture, that is, it can control the cost of furniture, and feel that the cost can be reduced when the cost is too high. In addition, custom furniture brands are generally looking for a fixed supplier, the material is guaranteed, and the price is relatively cheap. Custom furniture purchase is different from ordinary finished furniture. The communication between consumers and merchants only stays at a simple level, but requires deep communication between consumers and businesses.


Although custom furniture meets the individual needs, it may also cause troubles. In order to avoid these problems, acceptance is essential.

Look at the appearance: check the quality of the decoration furniture appearance, mainly depends on whether the surface paint film is smooth, bright, with or without falling, bubbles, wrinkles and other quality defects; also depends on whether the color difference of the veneer is large, the pattern is consistent, there is no corrosion point , dead knots, broken parts, etc.; whether the edge-sealing treatment of various wood-based panel parts is strict and straight, with or without degumming, whether the surface is smooth and flat, and there is no bump.

Look at the craft: the furniture is not fine, it can be observed from the combined part, to see the rationality and firmness of the connection point between each component of the furniture. For the overall structure of the furniture, each connection point, including the connection points between horizontal and vertical, must be tight, no gaps, and no looseness. The drawers and cabinet doors should be opened and closed flexibly and returned correctly. The periphery of the glass door should be polished and clean, flexible to open and close, no collapse, scratches, symmetry of the four corners, and the position of the buckle is positive.

Look at the size: furniture is not only beautiful, but more important is practical. Whether the size of the furniture is ergonomic and whether it meets the specified size determines whether the furniture is convenient or not.

Look at accessories: The industry mainly checks whether custom furniture accessories such as chair cushions, side panel mats, hinge covers, etc. are complete. If not, it should be raised in time.

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