NO.1 brand


Europe is leading the world of cabinets due to its profound cultural heritage and cutting-edge design concepts. In recent years, while China has become the world's largest manufacturer of cabinets, a number of local brands have also grown rapidly, and products have been sold back to developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Therefore, choosing a branded product is critical.

NO.2 whole kitchen


Since the concept of “whole kitchen” was introduced to China in 1994, this modern cabinet with perfect combination of practicality and decoration has rapidly developed into a trend. The so-called "whole" not only includes the best combination of electrical cabinets, but also the layout of water, electricity and gas, etc., only some large professional manufacturers can achieve integrated design, configuration, installation and so on. This should also be the best choice for consumers.

NO.3 factory production

Factory production

The whole cabinet is an integrated ordering product with a wide variety of structures and designs that are highly personalized. Therefore, only large-scale, standardized production can create the most high-quality products that customers are most satisfied with. Therefore, understanding the technical strength of the production enterprise at the time of purchase is also an important means to ensure quality.

NO.4 material


Material is an important guarantee for the quality of cabinets. Consumers can choose products that have been certified by an authority.

NO.5 hardware


Hardware is the most commonly used key component in the kitchen. However, in order to reduce costs, many manufacturers use counterfeit and shoddy hardware, which is very serious. Consumers must attach great importance to it.

NO.6 pricing method

Pricing method

At present, there are two ways of unit pricing and extended meter pricing. Some untrustworthy merchants often set invisible mark-up items or unclear price in the pricing, so it is necessary to understand clearly when purchasing cabinet products.

NO.7 commitment

committed to

Some brands try their best to publicize the warranty for a number of years or fake a penalty, and the corresponding responsibility in the actual contract is vague or avoided. Therefore, customers should pay attention to the specific terms signed while paying attention to the brand.

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