The daily maintenance and maintenance of equipment is an important part of equipment technology management. Its purpose is to extend the service life of equipment and maintain its good performance and accuracy. It is a preventive and protective measure to ensure the normal operation of equipment It is the basis for ensuring the normal and smooth progress of laboratory teaching and scientific research. All laboratories must attach great importance to this, and this method is specially formulated for this purpose:

Article 1. Each laboratory must establish a strict post responsibility system, formulate corresponding maintenance measures based on the characteristics and requirements of the equipment used, and implement them carefully, so that the maintenance of equipment should be regularized and institutionalized.

Second, we must strengthen the basic operation training for teachers, laboratory technicians and students, so that they are familiar with the performance characteristics of instruments and equipment, master the basic operation methods, and avoid damage accidents caused by improper operation or errors, especially the use of large-scale precision equipment. It is necessary to strictly implement the system of holding posts with certificates, and it is strictly forbidden to operate large-scale precision instruments without training or unqualified personnel.

Article 3. Instruments and equipment that are in inventory, spare, or need to be sealed for a period of time due to insufficient tasks should be regularly cleaned, checked, and maintained in dust, rust, and moisture.

Article 4. Regulations for the maintenance of commonly used instruments and equipment

â‘  Electronic equipment

a. Regular electronic instruments and equipment should be cleaned and dedusted regularly, and powered regularly to prevent the components from being damaged by moisture.

b. Periodic part testing and performance testing should be conducted regularly to understand the technical status and ensure that the equipment is always in good working condition.

c. Devices that internally use rechargeable batteries to maintain their data or programs must be regularly powered on.

â‘  Mechanical equipment should be regularly cleaned, lubricated, rust-proof, dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and other maintenance work.

â‘¡ Laboratory environmental condition adjustment equipment

a. The anti-sink filter of the indoor unit and dehumidifier of the air conditioner should be cleaned at least once every half a month. The outdoor unit should be regularly cleaned to improve the heat dissipation effect. This is not only a need to improve efficiency and effectiveness, but also to prevent overload-induced fires and damage to equipment.

b. Indoor ceiling fans and fans should be cleaned, dedusted and lubricated regularly.

Various laboratories such as photochemical reactors, ice machines, ultrasonic machine cleaners / cell crushers, aseptic homogenizers, spray dryers, etc.

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