"The plate is good, the furniture is good", this is a sentence that Ye Jianbing always wants to tell the consumer. And our personal interview with the character, he did not talk about the grand vision, great dreams, but actually gave the consumer a plate knowledge class, from the determination of the quality of the particle board (formaldehyde content, internal and external bonding strength) Interpretation of static bending strength, water swelling ratio, nail holding power, etc., to the comparison of plate quality of different tree species, and to consumer rights protection methods, and so on. It can be seen that the dream he built is indeed great - let the consumer know what kind of furniture made of sheet metal is environmentally friendly, durable and good furniture, so that it is targeted in the choice, which is the positive energy that leads the future healthy development of the industry. Jietian is willing to start from scratch and help the market mature.

At present, the dream incubator, Jietian Company's new factory in the suburbs of Shanghai, is being constructed in an orderly manner. Ye Jianbing has high hopes for the new factory: "In the future, she is not only a production factory, but also academic training, peer exchange, market. Supervised wood-based panel base. Jietian will open its doors and welcome people from all walks of life to visit and guide."

For Ye Jianbing, the name "Bowang" is praise and responsibility. Since he has been working, he has only done one thing: he is worthy of the title of "Board King".

Ye Jianbing: The troops created a resolute character.

Ye Jianbing: The troops created a resolute character.

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