part1: bathroom cabinet

Editing comments: There are not too many fancy combined wall-mounted bathroom cabinets with straight lines and simple and elegant style. The paint process is waterproof and moisture-proof. The oak texture is hard and very durable. For those who prefer modern and simple style, the stylish and beautiful, simple and practical combined bathroom cabinet is a very good choice.

1. Black modular bathroom cabinet, ï¿¥ 1699.00 yuan / set for purchase, please click

2. Champagne combination bathroom cabinet, ï¿¥ 2280.00 yuan / set for purchase, please click

3. Red combined bathroom cabinet, ï¿¥ 2699.00 yuan / set for purchase, please click

1. Beige floor-standing bathroom cabinet, ï¿¥ 3998.00 yuan / set for purchase, please click

2. White floor-standing garden bathroom cabinet, ï¿¥ 3626.00 yuan per purchase, please click

3. Stripe floor-standing bathroom cabinet, ï¿¥ 2300.00 yuan / set for purchase, please click

Editor's comment: The pastoral-style white floor-to-ceiling bathroom cabinets are simple, bright and elegant. The combination of sliding door type and drawer type allows you to put a lot of sundries into different categories, so that your bathroom does not need to be crowded and messy because of many toiletries.

1. Black wall-mounted bathroom cabinet, ï¿¥ 1160.00 / set

2. Wall-mounted bathroom cabinet with red and white color matching, ï¿¥ 3500.00 yuan / set

3. Red wood grain wall-mounted bathroom cabinet, ï¿¥ 3410.00 yuan / set

Editorial comment: A simple yet warm bathroom with warm colors needs a stylish and simple bathroom cabinet to decorate. The simple and straight block-shaped wall-mounted bathroom cabinet is a very good choice. PVC texture, waterproof and moisture-proof function is very good.

part2: storage wooden box

1. Wood color Storage Box, ï¿¥ 49.00 yuan / piece

2. Storage box with lid, ï¿¥ 12.00 yuan / piece

3. Three-layer drawer storage box, ï¿¥ 70.00 yuan / piece

Editor's comment: A very simple wooden storage box, but it can make a contribution to the storage of your bathroom toiletries. You can use it to store your cosmetics, to store clean towels, or to hold dirty clothes from your bath, as you like.

1. Light color wood grain storage box, ï¿¥ 29.00 yuan / piece

2. Storage box with gold lock, ï¿¥ 18.00 yuan / piece

3. Storage box in white wood color, ¥ 32.80 / piece

Editor's comment: The rustic wooden storage box is simple, elegant, and beautiful. It is very suitable for placing sporadic bathroom products in the bathroom, especially those that are not commonly used or can only be placed in the shade.

1. Bamboo and wood multi-layer storage box, ï¿¥ 16.00

2. Solid wood storage box with drawer, RMB 19.00 / piece

3. Oval compartment storage box, ï¿¥ 29.00 yuan / piece

Editor's comment: The smooth and solid multi-functional bamboo and wood storage box is very suitable for placing in the bathroom for placing small pieces of bathroom supplies during bathing or some frequently worn accessories.

part3: wall storage

1. Rural style storage rack, ï¿¥ 32.80 yuan / piece

2. Black iron storage rack, ï¿¥ 49.00 / piece

3. White iron storage rack, ï¿¥ 49.00 / piece

Editorial comment: Warm yellow tiles make the whole bathroom look very warm. It can be used to put shower gel, facial cleanser and other supplies, and can also hang towels and bath balls.

1. Chrome towel ring, ï¿¥ 19.90 yuan / piece

2. Golden towel ring, ï¿¥ 89.00 yuan / piece

3. Metallic towel hook, ï¿¥ 98.00 yuan / piece

Editor's comment: The built-in towel ring is very simple and elegant, not only stylish and practical, but also adds a touch of modern artistic atmosphere to the bathroom.

1. Rectangular suction cup storage rack, ï¿¥ 39.00 yuan / piece

2. Suction cup soap dish, ï¿¥ 21.00 yuan / piece

3. Suction cup gargle cup, ¥ 29.00 / piece

Editing comments: The suction cup type bathroom storage rack, strong rubber suction cup, stable and firm, can be installed and removed at will, without damaging the installed wall. Convenient and practical, simple and clean.

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Outdoor Sofa Furniture

Outdoor sofa furniture is suit for outdoor garden usage for long time. The material is UV resistant PE rattan and 1.2mm thickness aluminum frame with powder-coated.


Outstanding comfort and structural integrity make our Outdoor Sofa Furniture Collection a welcome addition outdoors. Rattan fibers are smoothly double woven around concealed powder-coated aluminum frames. Gently angled backs and wide arms encourage restful lounging. The industry`s best high-performing fabrics encase the thick, double-wrapped foam cushions.

·         Traditional forms with a spacious, inviting scale

·         Handwoven premium resin wicker UV resistant

·         Rust-resistant powder-coated frames

·         Cushions included with 30 density sofa foam

·         Versatile tempered glass tables

·         Cushions also available with 100% waterproof fabric.

Outdoor sofa Furniture contain sectional sofa, deep seating sofa, round or semi-round sofa furniture, and garden set. 

 Outdoor Sofa Furniture      Outdoor Sofa Furniture

Outdoor Sofa Furniture       Outdoor Sofa Furniture

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Outdoor Wicker Sofa Furniture

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