Nowadays, with the development of the economy, the domestic wardrobe industry is in a period of transformation and upgrading. This period is also the most chaotic period in the wardrobe industry market. Therefore, the more domestic wardrobe enterprises in this special period should be united to tide over the difficulties together.

However, in this period, the wardrobe enterprises will have two different developments. One enterprise does not pay attention to long-term development, only pays attention to immediate interests, and even “snaps” during this chaotic period, which harms consumers’ interests and pursues to satisfy themselves. interest. The other kind of "service card", which hopes to gain consumer recognition with sincere service, stands out in this period, but it is also a very difficult process.

Generally speaking, when the consumer purchases the wardrobe, the delivery fee and installation fee of the wardrobe are also included in the price of the wardrobe, and no additional payment is required by the consumer. However, recently, consumers often reflect certain wardrobe brands, which will be informed by the shopping guide at the time of purchase. If the purchase amount does not reach a certain amount, that is, a “minimum consumption” stipulated by the wardrobe enterprise needs to be added to the consumer delivery fee and installation. The cost, which will increase the cost of the consumer, directly harms the interests of the consumer.

One of the consumers reported that when the wardrobe was purchased for installation, the worker was told that the installation fee could only be paid after the delivery fee and installation fee were paid. The consumer asked the reason because it did not reach the minimum consumption of the wardrobe enterprise. However, there is no shopping guide to inform this situation during the purchase process. At present, in the wardrobe industry, setting the minimum consumption has become the unspoken rule of this industry. Only after reaching this standard will consumers be delivered to the door for free and installed, otherwise they will be charged.

In some furniture malls, there are clear prices on the labels next to the wardrobes, some also attached to the detailed material and maintenance knowledge of the products, and some indicate the installation fee, but none of them indicate the minimum consumption standard. However, when asking about the shopping guide, you will be told that there is a minimum standard of consumption. If the consumer purchase amount does not meet the minimum standard, additional fees will be charged. Xiaobian here suggests that consumers must consult clearly when buying, to prevent their own interests from being damaged.

Source: China Wardrobe

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