With its economical characteristics, small units are increasingly favored by people in the rising prices of modern society. However, the impression of small units in the eyes of many people is small, dirty, chaotic, that is, they can not hold their own family. In fact, most people have a certain degree of misunderstanding of small-sized houses. This issue of Xiaobian helps you uncover the four common mistakes that are common in small units.

Misunderstanding 1: Small size = small area

Misunderstanding 2: things are oriented, north and south are not ventilated

Misunderstanding 3: The type is not square, the usage rate is low

Misunderstanding 4: The terrace, balcony, and garden of the home are too large

Buyers who plan to buy a small apartment of 90 square meters or less must first distinguish between two concepts: "small size" and "small area". These two are not the same thing. Generally speaking, “small area” is mainly based on product area, and there is no strict restriction on its function, such as hotel-style apartments, while “small-sized units” still require the integrity of residential functions to be used for different functions. Space has a certain range of area requirements, not a small one.

Related Tips: Due to the limitation of the total area, the small apartment is not a comfortable house, but a practical house, so the area of ​​each room is controlled within a certain range. At the same time, in order to ensure the quality of daily life, buyers should pay attention to the opening of the room type when choosing a small-sized house. Usually, the area of ​​the bedroom should be controlled at about 16 square meters, the bathroom should be 4~6 square meters, and the kitchen should be 5~6 square meters. The living room is around 12~40 square meters.

According to such area conversion, the more practical small apartment, the bedroom opening room should be 3~4 meters, the bathroom opening room should be more than 2 meters, the kitchen opening room is 2~3 meters, and the living room opening room is 4~5 meters. Therefore, when looking at the floor plan, we must pay attention to the standard opening data. The figure can be deceptive. The 3 meter opening may be similar to the 5 meter opening. It may fall into the trap if you don't pay attention. .

If you look at the layout plan, some small-sized houses are square and well-groomed. It looks almost perfect, don't worry, take a look at the general plan of the community before placing an order.

Because of the geographical latitude and climate, the south facing of the house is an ideal orientation. The sunshine is sufficient and the north and south are ventilated. However, for the overall planning of the community, it is impossible for the layout of the buildings to be facing south. Therefore, although the house type is the same, the orientation is different. Living experience is completely different. Some of them face south, but there is no window in the north, or the front row of houses is relatively high, and the distance between the front and rear houses is too close, which will affect the lighting and ventilation of the house, and these problems are seen from the layout of the house. Not coming out.

Related Tips: To choose a good small apartment, it is not enough to look at a single floor plan. It is best to ask the sales staff to provide the general plan of the community to understand the overall planning of the community, the distribution and orientation of each unit, and Know the height of the front row of houses, the distance between the front and rear houses, so that you can get an idea of ​​the sunshine time and ventilation of the house.

The occupancy rate of small units may not be lower than the size of 90 square meters or more, but sometimes its usage rate is indeed lower than that of large units. Why do you say this? Because some small-sized houses are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, they use some large curved and beveled designs. The façade is very beautiful, but in fact, when designing the house, these arcs Lines and bevels are difficult to use. Buying such a house actually increases the unit price of the inside of the set, and may have a 5% or even 10% of the total price.

Related Tips: People who are unfamiliar with the floor plan often don't see any problems, and they don't see any advantages or disadvantages. Therefore, it is not practical to determine whether a house type is used. In addition to some regular data, you can also bring your own life into the house. Simulate in the middle. When you look at the floor plan, think about the process and details of your life, and then put these details into the house. Many shortcomings or advantages can be seen.

For example, some apartment types, walkway design in the middle of the living room, some people called "breaking", the first half of the living room has actually become an aisle, making the complete sense of the living room completely lost, Imagine: when watching TV, people are often in the TV What kind of feeling does this bring to the front and back?

It seems that it is better to send terraces, balconies, and home gardens. These gift areas often become the main reason why buyers choose a certain type of apartment.

Related tips: The balcony, terrace, sky garden, home garden and other building spaces are also exquisite, the area should not be too large, the depth should not be too long, otherwise it will be regarded as non-balcony building space, all calculate the building area.

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