After the PET bottle gradually took a firm foothold in the field of beverage and tea packaging, it began to enter the wine industry again. Compared with the traditional glass packaging wine industry, PET bottles have a strong advantage when attacking.

PET bottles are light in weight, have good safety performance, and are relatively labor-saving during transportation, and the transportation cost is lower than that of glass bottles. In terms of portability, PET bottles are more convenient than glass bottles and cans, and more in line with young people's consumer psychology. Ing outer PET has the same transparency as glass bottles to improve the quality of the wine. The most important point is that PET bottles have good plasticity, and it is easier to meet the requirements of diversifying and multiple styles of bottles. Although in terms of appearance, transportation and styling, PET bottles have a very strong advantage. However, there are still drawbacks. For example, PET bottles cannot be washed with a bottle washer, and can only be washed with high-pressure sterile water. The sterility of the bottles is difficult to preserve for a long time. This is a relatively high requirement for packaging workshops.

If PET bottles want to achieve a certain market in the field of wine, there is still room for improvement in terms of technology.

Indoor Futsal Flooring

Enlio Wood Grains PVC flooring and flat surface design Court Tiles are profeesionally used to indoor futsal courts. 

The wood grains of pvc flooring is high-end composite class technology products, blue color with 7.0mm is specially for futsal.

 PP Court Tiles used 100% pp material, flat surface design

Indoor Futsal Flooring

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