Oral fluid bottle is an important part of the pharmaceutical packaging industry, there are many varieties, from the material points are: ordinary glass bottles, easy to fold glass bottles, to PET plastic bottles, etc.; In addition there are many points from the seal: aluminum lid, Aluminium-plastic cover to the rotating cover to the bottle body used in easy-to-fold glass bottles.

Oral fluids directly enter people's bodies and can cause harm to the body if they are not careful. We must be careful. The most widely used oral liquid bottle material on the market is glass. Because it does not react with drugs itself, it is the best object for containing drugs.
Glass oral liquid bottles and drugs do not produce a reaction, but when accidentally opened, it will cause injury, especially the easy-to-fold glass bottles, because his seal is a part of the bottle body, it needs special Be careful. Control is not good. Excessive forceful glass can break a part, not only will the oral solution pour out but also scratch the hand. This is not worth the candle.
The use of glass in oral fluid bottles is undoubted, but it takes a lot of effort to seal them.

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