[ Zhonghua Wardrobe ] [Zhonghua Wardrobe ] There are many types of custom wardrobes, such as door wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes, wall-mounted wardrobes, overall wardrobes , cloakrooms, etc. It is better to find a price and quality. Too easy, there are many decisive factors in the price of custom-made wardrobes. Of course, the difference in price is inevitable. Customized wardrobes are also divided into melamine-based panels, leather panels, sticker panels and the above categories from the surface process.

Custom wardrobe

Talk about the various types of surface crafts of custom closets

1, custom wardrobe melamine process

The melamine process is on the surface of the board, covered with a layer of melamine after high temperature and high pressure. Customized wardrobes The surface of the panel furniture treated by this process is smooth, wear-resistant and heat-resistant. The wardrobe can maintain its own material color. The disadvantage is that the environmentally-friendly products of the inferior products are up to standard, and the sealing will not crack easily, and the color can not be changed at will.

2, custom wardrobe stickers leather craft

The process of attaching a special process paper to the surface of the board to make furniture, the furniture produced by this process is a sticker leather furniture. The advantage of the custom closet is that the color and pattern of the furniture surface can be controlled; the disadvantage is that the quality of the process is high, the skin is easy to peel off, and the repair is difficult to be traced after the damage.

3, custom wardrobe leather plate process

That is to say, the surface of the furniture made of particleboard or MDF is coated with natural solid steel to make the wardrobe of the steel. The furniture produced by this process is the steel wardrobe made of steel. The advantage of the custom closet leather plate process is that the surface and the solid steel are made as beautiful as the wardrobe, and have natural texture; the disadvantage is that the environmental protection performance is slightly worse than the solid steel.

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