Speaking of 3D printing, it's getting old recently. Once became a popular vocabulary on Baidu, with more than 16.9 million search results, and appeared on the front page headlines of major media. It is believed that it will "promote the realization of the third industrial revolution together with other digital production models." Even domestic A-shares that are a little bit related to 3D printing have encountered speculation and continuous daily limits. What is even more surprising is that the old father asked the author some time ago, if there is a 3D printer that can make pistols by himself, it will not be a mess.

Some people think that the emergence of 3D printers has changed the manufacturing industry. You no longer need a huge factory, and you don't need to deal with unions. Just click a button on your screen-printing, you can rebuild a huge industry.

3D printing has reached the peak of people's expectations.

3D printing has been rumored

3D printed underwear will completely solve the problem of women's unfitness and comfort; 3D printed toys will no longer have children unpacking and do not know how to assemble robots; 3D printed AK47 may break the old concept of this world And legislation, possession of weapons will become a universal right. Every part and organ of the human body can be perfectly copied by 3D printing, so that the human body can replace a "part" at will like a machine, and the life limit will be broken again.

A omnipotent 3D printer can create a "fresh" kidney

This will be another "big bang" scene of human productivity, but today it is still only on the computers of Hollywood directors.

Very little conversion productivity

The concept of 3D printing originated in the United States. As a general term for a type of technology in rapid prototyping, its printing process is called "additive manufacturing." First, the producer uses computer software to model the object, and then sends the data to the 3D printer and selects the corresponding printing material; then the 3D printer will use the material to process the layered product to gradually shape the product. The "subtraction method" process corresponding to this "addition method" process belongs to the traditional manufacturing method, that is, to reduce unnecessary parts on the basis of raw materials.

Data from Wohlers Associates, an independent consulting company in the technology industry, shows that the global 3D printing market size was US $ 1.71 billion in 2011, and is expected to grow by 25% to US $ 2.14 billion in 2012, and will reach US $ 3.7 billion in 2015. However, this figure still only accounts for 0.02% of the global manufacturing market. To describe it in one word, it is "ignore".

Although 3D printing has been very popular in China during this period, many domestic media have interviewed companies in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Hangzhou, Wuhan and other places that were earlier involved in the 3D printing industry, but most of them are still in the state of technological research and development. It ’s a set of artifacts, but what you really see is either a semi-finished product or a test product, which is in the stage of “printing” plastic products such as toys and molds, and its volume is also limited. As for the beautiful revenue, a large part is generated by the 3D scanning business, and I do n’t tell him about it.

If you do n’t believe it, you may go to the universal Taobao search, enter the keyword "3D printer", the pop-up "relevant baby" is only about 700, if you narrow the search scope, there are less than one hundred, of which domestic products In most cases, the price is within 10,000 yuan, and the foreign brands that can actually produce economic benefits and have practicality are all sky-high prices.

Various signs indicate that the era of digital manufacturing is slowly approaching, but there is still a long way to go before industrial-scale applications even fly into the homes of ordinary people.

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