On December 15, the R0110 heavy-duty gas turbine successfully completed the continuous 72-hour load test operation evaluation at CNOOC Shenzhen Electric Power Co., Ltd., which shows that China is fully capable of developing heavy-duty gas turbines with independent property rights.

The R0110 heavy-duty gas turbine is China's first heavy-duty gas turbine with complete independent intellectual property rights developed by AVIC Dawning to implement the party and country's "military-civilian integration and integrate the military into the civilian" policy, giving full play to its core technical expertise and developed through the combination of industry, education and research. R0110 heavy-duty gas turbine development is a major special topic in the field of advanced energy technology in the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" 863 Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The research and development of the project began in 2002. The design review was completed in 2003 and component development began. Speed, zero load test run.

It is understood that CNOOC and AVIC signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in the field of gas turbines based on the principles of complementary advantages, long-term cooperation and win-win development. On April 10, China National Offshore Oil Corporation and China Aviation Industry Engine, CNOOC Shenzhen Electric Power Co., Ltd. and China Aviation Industry Liming signed the cooperation agreement on the domestic R0110 heavy-duty gas turbine test platform project and the domestic R0110 heavy-duty gas turbine test platform project construction and test operation. Cooperation agreement. In August, R0110 heavy-duty gas turbine arrived at CNOOC Shenzhen Electric Power Co., Ltd. for on-site installation and commissioning. The unit completed the ignition commissioning on November 7, the unit was successfully connected to the grid on November 19, and the 72-hour load test was successfully completed on December 15. Run the assessment.

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