Modern biotechnology urgently needs instruments capable of moving single cells and other tiny objects. The earliest such instruments, laser tweezers, were developed by the American Physics Group in 1986, and new technological breakthroughs have been made in this field every year. The research team of Saratov State Technical University in Russia and Tantal Research Co., Ltd. proposed and designed a laser tweezers that can simultaneously clamp and move up to 7 small objects.

In 1910, the Russian physicist Peter Lebedev (Петр Лебедев) discovered the pressure of light waves and thus pioneered the use of precision laser microcontrollers, namely laser tweezers. It is this pressure that pulls the electrolyte particles to the place where the focused laser is irradiated, so that tiny objects can move along the focused light.

In order to catch small objects in operation, it is necessary to accurately match the focus position and the small objects. Therefore, in order to facilitate grasping, the optical component cone lens (axicon) is often used, which can focus the laser into a non-point shape, but a few millimeters long. Linear.

The function of the cone lens is to form a corresponding optical pattern in space according to the shape, hologram or common structure. Not long ago, in 2008, German companies began mass production of phase regulators-conical lenses based on liquid crystal matrices, which made it possible to dynamically change the optical pattern space, that is, to synthesize complex microstructures.

Based on the German phase controller, the Russian research team under the leadership of Вил Байбурин has developed its own laser tweezers with the help of high-power infrared lasers, which can simultaneously grasp and move 5-7 Small objects, and similar instruments in other countries can only pick up a single tiny object, so this instrument will be widely used in the study of cells in the field of biophysics, with the help of the liquid crystal matrix can control the tiny without any other mechanical intervention The location of objects and obtain complex microstructures.

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