Exhibition time: September 27-30, 2012

Venue: Pragati maidan, New Delhi, India

The International Exhibition on Building, Building Materials and Interior Decoration (delhibuild) in New Delhi, India is the latest addition to the UK's ite Group's largest collection of top-level building materials in emerging markets, with mosbuild, kyivbuild, kazbuild and others in the same series. With a global sales network and years of market and professional buyer resources, ite Group will attract exhibitors from more than 40 countries and regions to exhibit, providing manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and traders in South Asia and international building materials industry. The platform and opportunities for face-to-face communication with international buyers have led to the establishment of sustainable trade partnerships between buyers and sellers.

Exhibition range:

Construction: excavators, loaders, scrapers and balancing equipment; road construction and machinery; drilling, piling, engraving and extraction equipment; compressed air and hydraulic tools; construction vehicles; material handling and lifting equipment; Measuring equipment; safety equipment, work clothes and accessories; industrial generators and various types of motors, etc.

Building materials: building materials and equipment; raw materials and metals; chemicals and adhesives; insulation and waterproof materials; roof & surface materials; scaffolding; air conditioning air fresheners; workshop machinery, tools, etc.

Interior decoration: curtains and decorative textiles; door locks and windows; wallpapers, paints and coatings; floors and carpets; ceilings, line legs and stairs; outdoor products and landscapes; ceramic products;

Contact information:

Shanghai easy-way exhibition co., ltd. shanghai easy-way international exhibition coltd

Exhibition Consultant: Chen Yafang

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(fax): +86-21-54133859

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