Looking at the status of the furniture industry, it is indispensable for the industry in the national economy. From the perspective of life, furniture is an important necessities that everyone needs and needs from time to time. Therefore, furniture can be regarded as a sunrise industry that will never end. From the historical point of view, the history of furniture is also quite long, but the furniture industry is still not enough for a "big industry" in people's impressions. Why? To clarify this issue, the author believes that I am afraid to explore the discovery from the status quo.

The furniture industry first entered the national development strategy

According to relevant research, in the next five years, the development of China's furniture industry is still in an important strategic opportunity that can make a difference. It has both rare historical opportunities and many foreseeable and unpredictable risk challenges. It is expected that in the next five years, China's furniture output value and furniture production will maintain a growth rate of about 15% per year, and furniture exports will maintain an annual growth rate of 12%.

Previously, according to the Notice of the National Development and Reform Commission at the beginning of the year on the organization of the 2011 (18th batch) Nationally Recognized Enterprise Technology Center, the furniture industry was first included in the “key recognition field” as an industry, and stood at “scientific and technological innovation”. The frontier.

According to incomplete statistics, the total retail sales of the whole society increased by 15.5% in 2009 compared with the previous year. The furniture industry surpassed the growth of construction, decorative materials and automobiles, with a growth rate of 35.5%. In the first three quarters of 2010, the total social retail consumption increased by 18.3%, of which the furniture industry contributed 38.4%, which is the fastest growing industry. This shows the contribution of the furniture industry to domestic demand.

In this year's "2011 Furniture Industry Change First Year Summit Forum", Zhu Changling, chairman of the China Furniture Association, once asserted: "In 2010, the total output value of Chinese furniture was nearly 900 billion yuan, second only to food, clothing and home appliances, becoming China's fourth. Large categories of consumer goods." In a few short months, the latest industry statistics released: China's furniture industry is about to break through the scale of one trillion.

However, such a large piece of industrial cake in China's furniture industry has been in a state of “multiple and scattered” due to the lack of “professional” management. Even a few domestic leading brands have rarely broken through. As the Pearl River Delta, which accounts for one-third of the country's total output value and exports close to 50% of the country's total exports, it faces a repositioning of the furniture industry.

Both inside and outside, or the way out

There are 1.39 billion people in China, 10 million pairs of marriages and 18 million people are born each year. The total demand for rigid furniture is huge. With the improvement of people's living standards, the urbanization process is accelerating, the residential area is increasing year by year, and the development of tourism is growing. , providing a broad market for the furniture industry. At the same time, the requirements of the domestic demand market for furniture personalization, cultural taste, fashion trends, safety and environmental protection are constantly improving. While ensuring the domestic market share, the furniture industry should also make a difference in the export market.

It is understood that in the United States, the price of furniture is the most expensive, and even more than home appliances. However, the high price and quality of American furniture are rare in China. First of all, American furniture is a green product. Secondly, the design of American furniture is almost classic. Once you consume it, you can meet the aesthetic needs of your life.

At present, in the export market, Western developed countries such as the United States, the European Union and Japan are still the main export destinations of furniture. The developed countries import Chinese furniture accounts for more than 70% of China's exports. There are still many furniture markets to be developed, and the export market still has There is a large space for development, but at the same time it must face trade protectionism and environmental protection issues.

Relevant experts believe that the implementation of "both internal and external, walking on two legs" is a must for the Chinese furniture industry in the next five years. Domestic furniture enterprises should actively explore emerging markets such as the Middle East, Eastern Europe, South America, Southeast Asia and Africa while ensuring that the existing foreign market share is not lost, and establish a reasonable business model in the national second- and third-tier markets and rural markets. . It is necessary to speed up the implementation of the brand strategy, enhance the overall brand awareness of the furniture industry, and strengthen the product development and quality management with the opportunity of establishing a brand, and enhance the service level of the enterprise. In addition, the transformation and upgrading of the industry is the only way to achieve sustainable development of the industry.

At present, China's state-owned brands are still inferior to foreign brands as a whole, and domestic products leave consumers with negative impressions such as backward technology, poor performance and poor service. Although some domestic furniture companies are committed to building high-quality, excellent service and new designs based on international brands with connotation and taste, in the same competition with international brands, we must not only continuously improve quality, but also Focus on winning the trust of consumers.

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