Many manufacturers may be faced with a problem: how can the ink-filled components be assembled on the product? The more traditional approach is to use screws or pull studs, but it seems to be unacceptable in the modern and efficient industrial market today. Some manufacturers then switched to double-sided tape, which eliminated the need for screw drilling. Inconvenience, but there have been some unnecessary tape loss, especially applied to the components that have a window position; so, a kind of screen printing glue emerging in the market not only makes up for the shortcomings of screws and tapes, but also can be used for production. Businesses reduce production costs.

The following describes the use of screen printing glue, glue selection, screen selection and glue thickness, printing design, glue drying, etc.

(a) use of technology

The principle of using silkscreen glue is very simple. Like ink screen printing, screenprint glue passes the screen printing technology to accurately apply the glue to the substrate to be bonded. After the glue is dried, it will produce a layer of adhesive tape. The same adhesive film can then be bonded to the other side of the substrate in real time, or a layer of release paper can be applied for later use.

(b) choose silk screen glue

At present, most silk screen signs or panels are made of acrylic, plastic, such as polyester, PVC, ABS, and PC film. Use glue to glue this type of screen printed plastic, must choose non-corrosive glue, so as not to damage the plastic surface or eroding screen printing ink, water-based glue is the best choice. Water-based glue also has the advantage that it does not contain organic solutions, does not release harmful gases, and does not burn, there is no hidden danger of fire and other environmental damage, in line with the current environmental protection and ISO14000 industry standards. It is also convenient and safe to store.

(c) Selection of screen and glue thickness

The location and weight of silkscreen glue depends greatly on the choice of screen and the design of the pattern. At present, general manufacturers use polyester or nylon mesh yarns, which have high economical and water resistance. Some manufacturers also use stainless steel mesh yarns to obtain more precise, uniform and highly stable results.

The thickness of the silkscreen glue after drying and the area that can be coated are also different according to the type of mesh used and the mesh.

In general, the thickness of glue after drying is about half of the time when it is wet. At present, most screen printing factories use #23 to #39 (per centimeter) or 60-100 (inch) screens. However, if a more precise and clear pattern printing effect is achieved, higher numbered screens can be used. . However, in high-density meshes, the printed glue thickness will be relatively thin. As for the thickness of the glue, the rough surface of the substrate will be thicker, and the smooth surface of the substrate will make the glue thinner. In summary, the thickness of silkscreen glue will be affected by the following factors:

1. Screen mesh

2. Thickness of sealing film/slurry

3. Design of printed designs

4. Solid content of glue

5. Adhesion of glue

6. Speed ​​of screen printing

7. The angle of the squeegee

8. Squeegee hardness

9. The surface of the substrate

(d) Design of printed designs

The general printing pattern can be printed by submerged (commonly known as earth), that is, the pattern is screen printed on the substrate. If the pattern to be printed is more complicated, or if the glue to be printed is thicker, we can use linear (commonly known as zebra crossing) or dot (commonly known as checkered) printing.

(5) Drying of screen printing glue

Water-based screen printing glue is accelerated by increasing temperature. For instance, SP7533 silk screen glue is used. If a #100 steel screen is used, the drying time at room temperature is about 30 minutes, and at about 50°C for about 15 minutes, the screen printer also The glue can be dried using an infrared lamp or a hot air conveyor belt; the speed of coking can also vary due to different substrates.

The easiest way to identify if the silkscreen glue is dry is from the point of view of color change. After the SP7533 silkscreen glue has dried, the color of the film will turn transparent.

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