In color makeup, we always fail to achieve the desired results, often very simple steps, we are always very complicated to complete it, in the final analysis, this is the most direct relationship between us and the common sense of makeup. For a moment, you will carefully analyze the makeup common sense and key points of various parts of the face. After reading it, you will suddenly realize it.

Everyone has heard the words of rotten ears. There are only lazy women in the world who don’t have ugly women. The beauty of makeup again and again proves this, but many people just know how to make makeup or always feel that their makeup skills are not enough. You have to think about the reasons why you are in the end. The so-called knowing yourself and knowing each other is not enough. After learning enough about the various parts of facial makeup, I don't believe that you can't make beauty.

First, skin color adjustment


Triple isolation, giving the skin a healthy glow and improving the foundation's makeup


Covers face lice, adjusts skin tone, modifies facial contours, protects skin

1. Divide the skin into left and right halves and apply it from the inside to the outside. The dosage is moderate, not too much, otherwise it is easy to remove makeup;

2. If the skin color is uneven or there are dark circles, it can be further covered by the foundation cream;

3. Finally, attention should be paid to the small areas such as the hairline, nose, and corners of the eyes.

Powder cake

Adjusts skin tone, gives a clean, sleek finish, protects skin and leaves makeup lasting

1. Hold the puff with two or three fingers, take a small amount of powder and then adjust the amount of powder on the back of the hand, then give the face;

2. Apply the wide part of the face, and finally the small part, the corner of the eye and other parts can be folded after the puff is applied;

3. The best method of powdering is carried out in small quantities.

Second, the eye is presented

eyebrow pencil

By trimming the eyebrows and adjusting the contours of the face, the face is more spiritual

1. Determine the best position of the eyebrow;

2. Select the appropriate eyebrow pencil (black, brown, gray, etc.) and cut the eyebrow pencil into a flat shape, which is convenient to use;

3. The thrush should generally start from the end of the eyebrow 1/3, according to the natural growth direction of the eyebrows, and color the original eyebrows;

4. Then well trace the eyebrows of the eyebrows;

5. Use the eyebrow pencil to draw the entire eyebrows one by one;

6. After painting, use the eyebrow brush to brush the eyebrows of the eyebrow pencil in the direction of the drawing.

Eye shadow

Gives the eye a three-dimensional sense, highlights the personality and makes you feel even deeper

1. After taking the eye shadow powder with a makeup brush, first adjust the amount of powder on the back of the hand;

2. Use a makeup brush to apply a "light" eye shadow. First, place the eye shadow powder in the center of the eyelid, and then apply it radially at the eye socket for a full application;

3. Grab the “dark” eye shadow at the upper eye tip and slowly apply it to the inner corner of the eye along the upper eye;

4. Halve the "light" and "dark" boundaries to blend the shades;


Highlight eye shadows for clearer eye contours and brighter eyes

1. Draw the eyeliner close to the root of the eyelashes and fill the gap between the eyelashes;

2. From the corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye, a depiction;

3. Draw a thick eyeliner at the lower eyelid to add eye contours.


Makes the eyelashes thicker, the eyes deeper, and enhances the three-dimensionality of the eyes

Third, facial modification


Trimmes facial contours to give a healthy complexion for perfect makeup

Fourth, lip modification

Lip liner

Trim the lip contour to give the lips a three-dimensional look


Gives the color of the lips and protects the lips from the dry environment

Lip gloss

Highlights lip performance, illuminates lip color, and protects lips

1. When you need to correct the lip shape, first apply a layer of foundation cream to cover the appearance of the original lips;

2. Use a lip liner to trace the outline of the lip and draw the outline of the entire lip according to the principle of going from side to side and top to bottom;

3. Starting from the upper lip, apply it from the two sides to the middle, connect the two sides to make the lip shape equal, and then apply the lower lip;

4. If the lipstick is easy to seep out, gently press the lips with a tissue paper;

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