Summer is coming, the good time to play is here, and the mood seems to be mobilized! Make-up can't fall behind naturally. This orange -based daily makeup applies orange elements to the cheeks and lips. The eyes use light purple warm-colored eyeshadows, which are low-key but have the magic of magnifying the eyes. The glamorous makeup of the winter is a good time to turn into a warm tone! Let the orange decorate your summer!

Orange color makeup

Orange color makeup

First, many MM worry that purple eyeshadow will make both eyes edema. Indeed, the difficulty in applying warm eye shadows is how to avoid swelling and distraction. In fact, with light and shadow techniques, light-colored eyeshadow can also create beautiful eyes, and the makeup is simple and beautiful.

Create steps:

Step 1: Sweep a light purple or pink-blue eye shadow in the A area of ​​the upper eyelid, carefully smudge with a large eye shadow brush, and slightly deepen at the end of the eye;

Step 2: In the B area, use a small eye shadow brush to brush the shallow earth color eyeshadow, instead of pure white highlights, the light-colored earth-colored eye shadow under the eyes can be reflected in the eyeball, and the eyes are clear and translucent;

Step 3: Brush the light purple eye shadow on the A area under the eyes, smudge, not much attention, take the gloss;

Step 4: In the area shown in the figure, draw the eyeliner. The upper eyeliner can be drawn with the eyeliner first. The eyelashes are filled with a thin liquid eyeliner. The lower eyeliner is also painted with an eyeliner.

Beauty point:

At the end of the eye, you should use an eyeliner to connect and create a natural underground eyeliner.

Second, the orange blush can create a sense of vitality, very suitable for the spring weather, the beauty of the beauty is not yours.

Create steps:

Step 1: As shown in the figure, use a large blush brush on the apple muscle to apply a thin layer of blush, with a small amount of multiple times as the principle, so as to avoid losing the natural feeling;

Step 2: Brush the highlights in the area shown in the figure to create a sense of transparency while enhancing the contours.


Applying a warm-colored pearlescent lipstick directly to the lips, it can be glossed without the use of shiny lip gloss, and it has a heavy makeup after applying lip gloss, which increases the transparency of makeup.

This orange-tone daily makeup applies orange to the cheeks and lips, and the eyes use a light purple warm-toned eye shadow to match the low-key but the magic of magnifying the eyes.

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