Nowadays high-end CTP equipment (such as Kodak CTP, etc.) can be out of the FM network, thus printing high quality prints. FM network has the following characteristics:

The density of the image is represented by dot density, without screening; collision due to screening is often avoided (known as moiré or rose pattern); and the depth of the image can be opened. Disadvantages: The flat screen is less reproducible than the amplitude modulation screen, so it is not suitable for light-colored and smooth images, such as the morning fog, white or light-colored skin or texture-free images.

The scope of application of FM network:

Suitable for products with large margins and high sharpness, such as steel, metal, rock oil paintings, and landscapes with richer colors; products with more image lines, such as clothes, curtains, and fabrics; Simulated printed products, such as ancient paintings, etc.

Give your little one a separate place to keep all his/her things organized with the Toy Storage.Your little one can now take the plastic bins in this kids' storage unit around and replace them after play time. You can use the wide top to display books, or any other decorative item. At the bottom there is a spacious removable compartment that has casters for smooth movement. Crafted from durable wood, this toy storage unit will continue to serve efficiently for many years. It provides easy-to-see and easy-to-access open storage for your convenience. Not just toys, you can use this storage unit to stack books too. 

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Toy Storage

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