Aging is a stage that everyone must pass, but there is a way to suppress the pace of aging. You must be careful with every skin care step, because once you fall into the misunderstanding of skin care , it will accelerate your skin's aging!

Error 1. Use the essence directly after cleansing

The essence is a highly nutritious skin care product. If the cleansing step is not done thoroughly and the bacteria remain, the essence will nourish the bacteria and cause skin inflammation and other problems. The toner has a secondary cleansing effect to ensure no dirt residue. Applying a toner can help the skin to form a sebum film, which effectively smoothes the keratin, makes the essence of the essence more fully, and directly enters the deep layer of the skin, making the skin softer and smoother. Flexible.

Skincare Tips: In addition to the secondary cleansing effect, the lotion can re-open the pores of the skin after cleansing, which helps the essence penetrate deep into the nourishing skin to better play the role of anti-aging. .

Wrong 2, do not rub any skin care products at night to let the skin "breathe"

The skin is very tired after a day, but if you think that you can let the skin enter the most relaxed state without breathing any skin care products, then it is a big mistake! In the evening, the air is not circulated, and the bacteria, air pollution and air conditioning on the sheets and pillows will cause the naked unprotected skin to be damaged. Various harmful substances are more likely to invade the skin, so that the skin's resistance is reduced, and the aging is unconsciously during sleep.

Skin care tips: 10 o'clock in the evening to 2 or 3 in the morning, is the best time for the pores to rest, the pores open to absorb nutrients, if you do not add nutrients to the skin, the skin will appear blue, dark, dull, most The basic moisturizing essence and nutrient night cream are definitely used.

Error 3, frequent conversion of skin care products

Many people use skin care products, especially anti-aging and high-performance products. If they find that the effect is not obvious within a few weeks, they think that the product has no effect and immediately replace it. In fact, the skin renewal cycle is generally 28 days, and the skin has an adaptation period for the product. If the cosmetics are changed frequently, the skin will not be able to adapt and even cause allergies. In the long run, not only will the anti-aging effect be received, but the skin will be allowed. Fragile, accelerate aging!

Skin care tips: Nowadays, some anti-wrinkle products are integrated into high-tech or add expensive ingredients. The anti-wrinkle effect is obvious, but it takes about 28 days to see the anti-wrinkle effect. Generally, it is judged whether a product has good anti-wrinkle effect. Still have to insist on using it for three months.

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