Every autumn and winter season, various industries began to release the trend of the second year, and new products were launched. For the home furnishing industry, whether it is decoration style or building furniture products, it is often not as fast as fashion products. However, under the regulation of the market, there are always some trends becoming more and more obvious every year. Some elements creep into the home decoration. Formed the trend and fashion of the year.

Pursuit of environmentally friendly natural pure solid wood furniture brand, tree species, style increase 2011 trend of decoration and purchase of materials trend interpretation of mahogany furniture is accompanied by consumers' respect for environmental protection and nature, in the spring and autumn exhibitions in 2010, solid wood furniture exhibition began The original comprehensive exhibition was independent and became a highlight of the furniture exhibition with a strong momentum. At the same time, the solid wood area and brand of Fuzhou's major stores have also increased significantly, and solid wood furniture has become a hot spot in the furniture industry.

The relevant person in charge of the Federal Home Furnishing District said that in the past two years, 100% of the log furniture is no longer only low-priced trees such as pine, cherry, ash, walnut, white oak, oak, Wujinmu, etc. The tree species began to get rid of the role of the decorative panel and became the furniture substrate. At the same time, the style, color and style of pure solid wood furniture are more and more diversified to meet the needs of consumers. In addition to the traditional Chinese style, French pastoral, American pastoral, Nordic simplicity, Southeast Asian style have also become the main style.

The owner is busy and not professionally decorated. The third-party supervision is heated to decorate a house for at least three months. Many owners can only have time on weekends or after work, and even if there is time to rush, because the decoration is too professional, Not very understandable, many owners are very uneasy about the quality of the renovation. In order to save peace of mind, many owners began to go to some independent supervision companies or studios to ask for special supervision, because it is independent, consumers believe in supervision. Other owners even directly hand over the entire process of design, purchase, construction and other renovations to the supervisor, which is equivalent to requesting a private project manager to enjoy the decoration and hosting services provided by the supervision company. Before the renovation of many owners, they began to inquire about which company's supervision is good, and also directly from the decoration company to supervise. There are no fewer than 10 supervisory companies in Fuzhou in the past two years, and the scale is large and small.

The requirements for quality of life improve home design advocates people-oriented personalization With the increase of a new generation of high-cultural literate consumer groups, the cultural content of home decoration will be greatly improved, and talented home designers will have an increasingly large market. Whether it is decoration or furniture, the concept of "people-oriented" is the guiding ideology of design. People are more interested in the comfort of home life, humanized design is the solution to meet this demand, the needless and fancy decoration will be eliminated.

At the same time, the decoration closely follows the pace of international fashion trends. Many fashion elements that originally appeared only in fashion, accessories, cars and other fashion consumption will appear in the home decoration. The simple style will continue to dominate as the leading fashion trend. Personalized product design will also be favored by consumers.

In addition, intelligent home is the key development direction of home decoration in the future. Furniture, doors and windows, lighting fixtures, electrical appliances, kitchen and bathroom appliances, etc., will be intelligently configured according to the different needs of different users at different times to meet the needs of modern people.

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