"The Emperor of the Armored Warriors" was filmed in Guangzhou on January 16th. Many children stood up and cheered for the armored warriors. However, the audience response of "Army Warrior" is also the same as last year's "Pleasant Goat". Children are applauded from beginning to end, but many parents feel naive.

The upcoming "The Emperor of the Armor Warrior"
The upcoming "The Emperor of the Armor Warrior"

[Chinese and Foreign Toys and Gifts Network] The "The Emperor of the Armored Warriors" starring Tang Xiaozhe of Taiwan (hereinafter referred to as "Army Warrior") held a film screening in Guangzhou on January 16. More than 100 children and their parents who had been selected by the theater and children's channel were the first to watch the winter children's film.

After the success of the "Pleasant Goat" movie version last year, animations such as "Army Warrior" and "Rainbow Blue Rabbit" also launched a movie version, which changed the habit of children's films to choose June Day Children's Day, so that these children's films are almost They are all concentrated in the Spring Festival winter holiday. Before the advent of the movie, the TV series of "Army Warrior" was also broadcasted on the 200 TV stations of the country, like "Pleasant Goat", and it has a huge audience. The "Army Warrior" producer told reporters that "Army Warrior" was launched in the industry at the same time including toys, stationery, clothing and television, and the film is only a part of the "Army Warrior" industry chain.

It is reported that the "Armor Warrior" plot tells the protection of the Earth's armored warriors in order to break the clues of the evil army led by the clown in an attempt to destroy the earth. After a lot of adventures, it finally became the legendary emperor and repelled the powerful demon, protecting it. Important friends and beautiful homes. "Armor Warrior" is a combination of live performances, 3D animation and multi-question shooting. The final battle of the last Emperor and the ultimate ancient beast, from the modeling of the ultimate ancient beast to the entire air combat environment, is completed by CG. Another highlight of the film is the use of human body blasting, using blasting technology to achieve the explosion scene in the fight, a large number of blasting materials such as petrol bombs, powder bombs to create action scenes.

In the TV series, there are Boss, Wu Jianfei and other "good guys" to join, and the movie version has Taiwan's new generation of drama Xiao Tianwang Tang Yuzhe to join. Tang Yuzhe has both an idol appearance, an extraordinary acting and a good singing practice. He has appeared in many major TV series including "Prank 2 Kiss", "The Ultimate Class", "Flower Boys and Girls", and has been rated as a new generation of beautiful young men by Taiwanese media.

On the 16th, the film's "protagonist" Emperor and the monster appeared for the audience to perform a wonderful cosplay show. The confrontation and fight were not inferior to the performance in the film. Many children stood up as armor warriors. Scream and cheer. However, the audience response of "Army Warrior" is also the same as last year's "Pleasant Goat". Children are applauded from beginning to end, but many parents feel naive. (Editor: Xiaoyu)

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