The environmental equilibrium water content in the northern region changes greatly. In the rainy season from June to September in summer, the air is relatively humid, and the indoor air in the winter heating period is relatively dry. The moisture content of the floor varies from 3 to 5%. In a better heating environment, the moisture content of the floor varies from 6 to 7% within one year, and the moisture content of the geothermal environment floor ranges up to 8%. In normal heating conditions, the maximum dry shrinkage of a 125mm floor can reach 2~3mm. Solid wood flooring has extremely strict requirements on the use environment and installation, and there are many problems. The deformation of solid wood composite flooring has been recognized by more and more people, especially in the north. Therefore, in order to seize the geothermal floor market, many solid wood flooring manufacturers and laminate flooring manufacturers have also launched their own solid wood composite flooring products. In order to attract consumers' attention, they often speculate on some so-called novelty floors, thicken the dough of multi-layer parquet, open a back groove on the backboard, and make the board long and wide, claiming Its products are more durable and more stable. It is not known that this kind of hype will only make some consumers who are unclear believe in a short time, once the floor is installed, they will be shouted. To this end, the author consulted the relevant experts of China Forest Products Industry Association on the thickening of solid wood composite skin, the lengthening and widening of the board surface and whether the open back groove is more suitable for geothermal.

According to reports, because wood is a porous natural material, its biggest deformation characteristic is wet expansion and contraction. The thicker the solid wood composite floor is, the more obvious the characteristics of solid wood flooring. During the environmental change, the stress on the surface of the floor during shrinkage and swelling is greater, and the probability of floor deformation and skin cracking increases. The wider the multi-layer parquet, the larger the gap created during shrinkage. Similarly, due to the expansion and contraction of the multi-layer parquet in the length and width directions, the longer the solid wood composite floor, the larger the gap generated at the end of the floor during shrinking.

At the same time, it is a nonsense to grooving the geothermal floor backboard, which is conducive to the flow of hot air, and even makes the floor backboard a hollow structure. In fact, the conduction rate of heat in solids is faster than that of gas. The higher the density, the faster the heat conduction rate, which is one of the reasons for improving the density of the floor substrate and improving the stability of the floor. In addition, the experts also proposed the following three aspects on how to choose a suitable geothermal floor.

First, look at the brand. Beyake Floor, one of the top ten brands of China's solid wood composite flooring announced by the Forest Products Industry Association, is one of the few large-scale specialized enterprises specializing in R&D and production of solid wood composite flooring in the industry. Since its establishment in 1997, the company has been committed to solid wood composite flooring. The production and manufacture is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the research and development of solid wood composite flooring in China. It has domestic first-class production equipment and professional production plants, with total assets of 170 million yuan, and annual production and sales of various types of flooring nearly 10 million square meters.

Second, look at the product. Since the stability of the solid wood composite floor is derived from the special structure of the interlaced lamination of the substrate, the process technology in the production process is particularly important. The high quality of the Beyak multi-layer solid wood composite floor is above 0.65kg/cm3. The substrate of the willows ensures that the floor has sufficient compressive strength and good thermal conductivity; the surface layer material is selected from high quality natural precious logs, and the surface layer adhesive is made of healthy and environmentally friendly melamine glue to make the formaldehyde emission of the floor. It is far lower than the conventional solid wood composite floor of conventional urea-formaldehyde glue as a binder, reaching the European E1 national standard. Stronger bond strength and higher stability.

Third, look at the service, as the saying goes, three-point products, seven points to install. Specialized floor installation and after-sales service guarantee system is an important performance of floor quality. Beyak Company is a large-scale and strong brand enterprise with good after-sales service and guaranteed product quality. Therefore, it is preferred to purchase geothermal floor. Parquet, and how to choose a solid wood laminate flooring, only need consumers to brighten their eyes, look for the brand, naturally natural.

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