The first factory using recycled plastic bottles to make food packaging materials will be established in London. ClosedLoopRecycling will recycle 35,000 tons of plastic bottles, including milk and soft drink bottles, into raw materials for new food and beverage packaging. The first companies to purchase such plastic packaging include Coca Cola, Marks & Spencer, Nampak Plastics Europe and SoloCup (Europe).

Chris Dow, director of ClosedLoopRecycling, pointed out: “The establishment of the factory shows that the UK is going through a revolutionary process of waste recycling — until now, there has been equipment for making food packaging from recycled plastic bottles. With consumers seeing recycled plastic as a new source of materials, it is no longer a waste but a valuable resource, and we will reduce the carbon footprint of each recycled plastic bottle by 25%.

WRAP’s CEO Oliz Goodwin pointed out: “WRAP is currently focusing on key developments that can bring leaps and bounds to the UK's domestic plastic recycling sector. The newly established ClosedLoopRecycling London (Source: China BottleNet) factory has proven that the UK is recycling plastics. The ability to save natural resources and reduce carbon content really helps the environment.”

ClosedLoopRecycling adopts top-level edge technology to recycle plastics, which were previously exported to developing countries at lower prices or abandoned to waste dumps, into packaging materials such as foods and beverages. This continuous recycling also proves that the company “closed the loop”. Company philosophy. ClosedLoopRecycling has announced the expansion of its business to the United Kingdom, demonstrating its leading position in the world of high performance plastic recycling.
Reproduced please specify: Chinese bottle net

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