How to use several common bleaching agents:


. The aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide ( 30 to 35 %) and ammonia ( 28 %) are mixed in a ratio of 1:1 and applied to the surface of the thin wood to allow it to dry slowly, and the surface of the thin wood is bleached. This and the bleaching agent have a good bleaching effect, one coating can be used, but the bleaching agent is only used for 30 minutes, and has ammonia odor, and the working conditions are poor, requiring rapid coating.

2 . Two-liquid coating: Two liquids, namely liquid A and liquid B, are configured according to the following formula . Solution A : anhydrous calcium carbonate 10g , add 50 degrees warm water 60g B solution: double oxygen solution ( 35 %) 80ml , add 20ml water, first apply A liquid on the surface of the thin wood , let it fully evenly penetrate, rubbed with cloth after 5min Remove the exudate from the surface, then apply solution B , dry for 3 h , and dry the surface with a damp cloth until dry. If you want to improve the bleaching effect, the drying time can be extended to 18 ~ 24h . When using this bleach, please pay attention to the mixing of liquid A and liquid B. The container and brush should be separated.

3 . Sodium imidate 3g + water 100g is formulated into a bleaching solution. Before use , it is dissolved in 0.5g of glacial acetic acid and 100g of water .

Liquid, the bleach is applied to the surface of the thin wood , dried at 60 ~ 70 °C for 5 ~ 10min , the thin wood has been bleached.

4 . Sodium hypochlorite 5g and 95g of water are added to one side while heating, and then dissolved on the surface of the thin wood, or a small amount of benzoic acid or sulfuric acid is added and then coated. This method is better for bleaching the willow.

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