Laminate flooring is getting thicker and thicker, and some consumers are caught in the misunderstanding of the quality of the floor only by thickness. In the interview, the reporter found that some floor businesses also misled consumers in the promotion of 12 mm floor appearance and function.

Misunderstanding 1

The thicker the floor, the better.

Around 1995, when the laminate flooring was first introduced, it was only 6 mm thick. In the following years, 8 mm flooring has dominated the market. In recent years, the thickness of the floor has been increasing, and now 12 mm floor has become mainstream, and 13 mm and 15 mm thick floors have appeared on the market. This industry trend has caused many consumers to have the illusion: when buying laminate flooring, special attention is paid to the thickness. The thicker the floor, the more weight it has, which means that it is stronger, more durable, and naturally better. Is this really the case?

“In fact, the thick plate is the same as the thin plate. Once the surface is worn out, it cannot be used. Therefore, the quality of the floor surface layer is largely related to the service life of the wood floor, not the thickness of the board.” Mr. Huang, the industry insider, said that the impact The decisive factor for strengthening the quality of the floor is not the thickness. When consumers purchase the laminate flooring, the key depends on the manufacturer's material and process level.

Industry insiders reminded that at the same price, it is better to buy 8mm flooring for branded wood flooring, and not to buy 12mm flooring for miscellaneous brands. “It looks thick, but because of the huge difference in cost, process and production technology, the brand is thick. The service life may not be as long as the thin plate of the big brand."

Misunderstanding 2

The harder the floor, the better.

Miss Li, who lives in a certain district of Fengling, Nanning, is currently buying wooden flooring. She told reporters that individual merchants did a hardness comparison test at the time of sale, such as using their own floor to knock against the floor of other brands to show that the floor is very hard; or to compare the hardness of the 8 mm floor with the 12 mm floor. The 12 mm floor is superior in hardness to the 8 mm floor. For this comparison, Miss Li did not know whether it was credible. She said puzzledly: "Whether the harder the floor, the more durable it is?"

In this regard, experts say that the greater the density of the substrate of the laminate flooring, the higher the mechanical properties and impact resistance, so the side is more resistant to knocking, but the greater the density, the better. Under the same conditions, the substrate density is high, the water absorption thickness expansion rate is larger, the dimensional stability is poor, and it is easily deformed when exposed to water. At the same time, the hardness is large, the toughness is poor, and the foot feels uncomfortable.

Misunderstanding 3

"embossed" floor is more wear resistant

At present, most floor brands have introduced “embossed” flooring with concave and convex textures, which pursues the more primitive and simple effect of the floor and is favored by many consumers. Recently, when reporters visited the wood flooring market, they found that some merchants introduced the "relief" floor when they introduced the relationship with the degree of wear resistance. Some merchants said that the "embossed" floor surface has been specially treated, compared with the general floor. Wear-resistant; or "adhesive texture to increase wear resistance" and so on.

For the wood flooring such as the “big relief”, “small relief”, “relief expert” and “embossed surface” that are popular in the market, experts point out that most of these are invisible. Because the wear resistance is the most important use index of wood flooring, various carvings on the surface will inevitably greatly reduce the wear resistance of the floor, reduce the processing precision, and it is easy to hide the dirt, so that the quality of use is greatly reduced. When consumers buy, don't simply pursue the surface effect, ignoring the longevity and maintenance of the product.

Misunderstanding 4

The shallower the floor trough, the better

The biggest difference in appearance between the 12mm floor and the 8mm floor is that the 12mm floor has more notches and more solid wood floor paving. However, in the market, some merchants said that the shallower the better when introducing the floor trough. The reason is that the floor trough is not easy to hide dirt and is easy to take care of. Moreover, the floor trough is shallow, and the feeling of the foot on the floor is significantly better than that of the deep trough floor.

Experts have corrected that the depth of the floor trough is a production process problem, which is directly related to the connection between the board and the board. As long as the floor is fastened, the depth of the floor trough is not a big problem. Now the floor trough is divided into V-shaped troughs and U-shaped troughs, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, and cannot be killed by a stick.

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