In today's fierce market competition, which technology can play a crucial role in the success of a printing plant? Judging from the list of the six "survival" technologies recently announced by the MUST SEE 'EMS (Mandatory Technology Speedpost) Technology and Product Selection Committee at the 2007 U.S. Graphic Arts Fair, the MIS will become a printing house that will profit in the future. The primary weapon.

This list will allow the general audience to have a valuable opportunity to “preview” MUST SEE 'EMS products that are highly anticipated. At the annual U.S. Graphic Arts Fair, we will find a large number of convincing emerging technologies that will drive the printing industry forward.

MUST SEE 'EMS is the highlight of the XII EXECUTIVE OUTLOOK Conference , which will be held on September 8th at the McCormick Exhibition Center in Chicago. It is understood that the theme of this year's Executive Outlook Conference is "Printer's success quartet: economy, market, technology and talent". It will conduct in-depth analysis of important industry events and will predict the trend of the show.

This year's Graph Expo will be held at the McCormick Center September 9 to 12, then, the audience will have the opportunity to visit outstanding products and technologies from over 640 exhibitors.

Kip Smythe , vice president of NPES (Association of Printing, Publishing and Paper Processing Technology Providers in the United States) pointed out: "In today's highly competitive and low-profit era, printing professionals want to know which 'hot trends' will have an impact on their business. Far-reaching impact. The Executive Outlook Conference and MUST SEE 'EMS will create a picture of the industry for printers, allowing them to determine which events and emerging technologies will play a decisive role in their future success."

After winning the title of six major survival technologies last year, MIS has once again ranked first in the ranking of six surviving technologies this year.

MIS was selected by MUST SEE's EMS Technology and Product Selection Committee because it has become a core technology, and customer interfaces, planning, production, control, automation integration, and corporate workflow are all built around it. The other five survival technologies are:

Digital Production Printing (covers all digital printing technologies including toner and inkjet systems as well as color and monochrome printing equipment)
Workflow Information Technology ( IT ) (including the ability to install, use, and maintain equipment)
Web-to-print ( which includes the ability of customers to submit electronic orders )
Color Management (When selecting this technology, the Selection Committee enumerated a growing number of examples of color printing jobs)

The committee also identified four technologies that also have a major impact on the success of printers: the automatic control of lithographic printing presses (excluding JDF ), computer-to-plate technology, pre-check software and technology, and unique features. Applications. In addition, RFID is also considered to be a promising technology.

The full list of MUST SEE 'EMS products will be announced at the closing of the Executive Outlook Conference, while the MUST SEE 'EMS winner list, secondary product list and list of worthy products will also be announced during the National Press Exhibition. .

It is understood that this year's Executive Outlook Conference was jointly sponsored by Heidelberg and Xerox Corporation. ( Meng Dan )

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