Abstract: The packaging industry is one of the pillar industries of the national economy, and it has enriched many elements of advanced productivity. In the new era, packaging should inject "people-oriented" concepts, adhere to the scientific concept of development, advance and retreat with economic and social development, and share common honors, cultivate excellent talents of generations from generation to generation, and always focus on enriching the connotations of advanced productive forces.

Keywords: packaging industry, people-oriented, advanced productivity

The development of advanced productive forces is an important symbol of the progress of socio-economic civilization. As a pillar industry of the national economy, packaging must correctly analyze the current status of the industry and the development trend of economic globalization and internationalization, strengthen the "people-oriented" concept, strengthen personnel training, focus on the establishment of an innovation system, and take the path of sustainable development. .

l The application of hi-tech achievements in the field of packaging is an objective reflection of the development of advanced productive forces into the packaging economy and their rich development, which has greatly enriched the connotation of advanced productivity.

Over the past 20 years of reform and opening up, China's packaging industry has risen rapidly. So far, among the major economic industries in the country, the packaging industry has taken the 14th place and has become one of the pillar industries of the national economy. Looking at the development of packaging economy and packaging industry, we can draw a conclusion that the development of packaging can not be separated from the strong support of high and new technology. The packaging industry is enriched with various elements of advanced productivity, reflecting the rich content of advanced productive forces. Whether it is packaging materials, packaging technology, packaging technology, packaging equipment, or packaging theory, packaging image design. Both have absorbed the latest achievements in advanced productivity and advanced culture. Such as packaging and the environment is a very prominent contradiction. The packaging materials are taken from natural resources (especially ecological resources), the packaging process seriously pollutes the environment, and waste packaging causes even more damage to the environment; at the same time. Drug packaging and food packaging pose a hazard to human health. With the vigorous development of hi-tech, it has promoted the research and development and extensive application of new packaging materials, green packaging materials and clean packaging production processes, and recycling of waste packaging. This contradiction has been greatly eased. In terms of anti-counterfeit packaging, laser anti-counterfeiting marks, all-ceramic bottle sealing technology, holographic anti-counterfeit plastic substrate and paper substrate have been introduced and promoted. They have become scare mirrors to identify genuine and fake products, forcing fake and shoddy products to gradually withdraw from the market. The brand's image was safeguarded, the interests of consumers and producers were safeguarded, and the people's health was protected.

In the packaging industry's active participation in the development of advanced productive forces, packaging technology has come a long way. Outstanding features are: less packaging materials to the natural ecological resources, the packaging and its contents are basically harmonious and unified, practicality of packaging has been greatly enhanced, reflects the style of seeking truth from facts, the packaging of the ornamental, artistic and collectible value has been improved. The cultural quality of packaging has constantly been mentioned, and packaging has become an important part of the interpretation of modern civilization. It intuitively expresses the psychological needs and social ideals for people to pursue “truthfulness, goodness, and beauty”. Therefore, modern packaging has enriched the connotation of advanced productivity and has become a mirror and a microcosm of the development of advanced productive forces. It is also an organic composition of people's material and spiritual life and an indispensable part of building an overall well-to-do society.

2 The development of packaging economy should inject “people-oriented” concept, boldly innovate, and focus on demonstrating the connotation of advanced productivity and integrity ethics and market norms. The concept of “people-oriented” is injected into the mirror of contemporary economic and social development. Packaging is no exception. .

Adhere to the scientific concept of development, "people-oriented" development of packaging economy, we must pay attention to two aspects. On the one hand, we should establish the concept of “all for people” and safeguard the fundamental rights and interests of consumers. a. Pay attention to the safety of packaging, especially the packaging of foods, drugs and daily consumer goods, and ensure the health of consumers; b. Pay attention to environmental protection, waste packaging can be recycled and reused, save resources and reduce pollution to the environment; C. To promote the moral spirit of packaging, the introduction of packaging to the product should be real and natural, but it must not be overstated; d. To cater to consumers' consumer psychology, improve the cultural taste and technological content of packaging, and inherit and promote economic civilization and social civilization. On the other hand, we must protect and inspire the creative spirit of packaging talents. The development of packaging economy is closely related to the creation of talents. The protection and stimulation of the creative spirit of talents is an important means for the development of advanced productive forces. Therefore, it is necessary to take effective measures such as legal protection, economic incentives, and honors. Encourage packaging talents to make innovations, actively absorb and learn from advanced packaging essences, combine the characteristics of Chinese traditional packaging culture and contemporary consumer psychology trends, boldly design and create Chinese packaging brands that keep pace with the times.

At present, China's market economy is still not fully developed, and the market is out of order. To enrich the connotation of advanced productivity, packaging must demonstrate the connotation of advanced productivity, integrity, and market norms, and play a unique role in correcting market failure. First of all, packaging should establish its own image and shoulder the heavy responsibility of protecting the brand. The advent of anti-counterfeiting packaging has effectively cracked down on counterfeit and shoddy goods. However, with the proliferation of anti-counterfeiting technology, anti-counterfeit packaging technology has become more and more complicated. For example, multi-layer anti-counterfeiting and composite anti-counterfeiting have become the mainstream trend of the brand. The cost of anti-counterfeit will inevitably be passed on to consumers. Therefore, how to overcome the difficulty of packaging anti-counterfeiting technology that is simple, effective, reliable, and convenient for public recognition is still a major issue facing every packaging professional. This is also an important aspect of packaging advanced productive forces. Secondly, packaging should be organically combined with simplicity, practicality, aesthetics, and taste. It should eliminate the suspicion of “selling packaging” and eliminate the high profitability of packaging. Thirdly, the packaging should reflect the true content of the goods intuitively, and clearly label the metrics, texture, raw materials, relevant safety data and their positive and negative effects, avoid misleading consumers, and establish a market credit basis for the goods.

Innovation is the driving force for the birth and development of advanced productive forces and is the soul of economic and social development. Similarly, the development of packaging is also inseparable from innovation. Dr. Yang Zhenyu, a famous Chinese scientist and Nobel Prize winner in physics, pointed out that the 21st century is an era of industrial design. A country that does not attach importance to design will become a laggard. Coincidentally, Professor Liu Guanzhong of the Central Academy of Arts and Design also put forward the idea that "design is creating a new way of life." This also shows that packaging design plays an important role in the development of packaging economy. Bold and innovative packaging design can not be separated from the support of a large number of high-quality creative talents. It also can not be separated from the psychological recognition of the consumers, it is not only rich in the connotation of advanced productivity, It is also a practice of the "people-oriented" concept. Packaging must serve the economic construction and social development and must strive to become a window for cultural innovation, artistic innovation, and technological innovation. Packaging innovation should shape packaging brands with Chinese cultural characteristics, adapt to the new situation of knowledge, marketization and globalization, strengthen their own “brand” awareness, research and explore the multiple elements of “brand”, and enhance the awareness of “brand” attachment. We will carry out extensive and in-depth research and innovation in materials, modeling, art, culture, technology, and craftsmanship to promote China's packaging to be close to the times, face the future, and lead the world.

3 Packaging must advance with the social and economic development, share common prosperity and disgrace, must advance with the times, adhere to the scientific concept of development, attach importance to and strengthen packaging education, and regard talent cultivation as a lofty goal throughout

While the wave of knowledge economy and globalization is surging, sustainable development has become a major topic that is currently hot. The packaging economy industry, which is at the forefront of the turbulence, must face up to and study the problems that solve this reality and have far-sightedness. It should seriously consider that, under the new situation, it must adhere to the connotation of enriching advanced productive forces and implement the sustainable development strategy of the packaging industry. Sustainable development attaches great importance to the protection and optimization of the natural ecological environment and the protection and rational development of resources, and emphasizes that people and nature live in harmony. From a deep perspective. Sustainable development should mainly solve the problem of sustainable development of people and ecology. The key lies in the development of education and the optimization of the ecological environment. Similarly, the sustainable development of packaging economy and industry must also face these two major problems. Otherwise, it will be unable to keep up with the pace of social and economic development. It will be outdated and eliminated in the world competition, dragging down the pace of development of the national economy, and The strategy of building a well-to-do society has a serious negative impact.

Talent cultivation is the fundamental guarantee for a prosperous, prosperous, and prosperous career. It is a top priority for sustainable development. Therefore, for the sustainable development of the packaging economy, we must pay attention to the cultivation of packaging talents, establish and improve multi-level and multi-channel talent training systems and packaging education systems, establish and improve a variety of packaging discipline systems and scientific research innovation systems, establish and improve Talent tracking and training information system to create a good environment for packaging talented people. First, we must integrate the power of the packaging industry, implement close cooperation between the industry and the school, combine industrial investment with individual investment, provide training resources for packaging institutions or related majors, and do a good job of training for the staff in the packaging industry, and constantly improve The professional quality and technical business level of packaging industry teams continuously improve the quality of human resources in the packaging industry and continuously enhance the market competitiveness of foreign advanced packaging industries. Second, integrate packaging higher education resources, increase packaging investment in higher education, and strengthen the development of packaging disciplines and packaging teaching experiments, internships, practice bases, and integrate production, learning, and research to speed up the packaging of advanced management, technology, especially design The training of talents ensures the sustainable development of the packaging economy and the demand for senior talents. third. Relying on the scientific research institutes of universities and institutions and the powerful packaging economic entities, we will establish a packaging scientific research innovation base and a packaging innovation innovation result incubator base, and cultivate high-level talents with innovative spirit and innovative practice at a higher level. Fourth, relying on high-tech information transmission systems, we will strengthen the tracking and training of packaging professionals around the country, provide the latest scientific and technological information and professional theoretical guidance, and ensure that the packaging industry will promote the continuous development of productivity.

Optimizing the ecological environment is an important part of sustainable development. The current status of China's ecological environment proves that environmental pollution, ecological destruction, and waste of resources will have disastrous consequences for humanity, and the packaging industry should bear considerable responsibility for this.

The packaging industry must develop in a healthy and rapid manner, the ecological environment must be optimized, and the natural resources must be scientifically and reasonably exploited under the premise of protection. This is a dilemma for us to face. To properly resolve these contradictions, we must find the right answer from technological innovation and the development of advanced productive forces. First of all, it is necessary to establish a rigorous and efficient packaging technology innovation system, in strict accordance with international standards and market requirements, formulate and implement standard testing and supervision of packaging products, carry out packaging technology and process innovation, and implement cleaner production. Secondly, we must establish a green packaging supervision system, set up a private green packaging organization, carry out recycling and reuse of packaging waste, establish a green packaging standard system and a legal system, and promote the mandatory implementation of packaging standards. Strongly promote the research and development of packaging materials resources alternatives and packaging industry clean production standards system, based on laws and regulations to ensure the development of the packaging industry and natural ecological harmonization of the unity. Thirdly, we must establish a center for packaging and humanistic development. We will carry out activities based on the themes of packaging concepts, packaging and theory, packaging and nature, packaging and health, packaging and culture, packaging and social civilization, and modern packaging design to build packaging museums. Packaging Expo, in a variety of forms to promote packaging education to the entire society, so that packaging and economic development, social civilization with advance and retreat, a total of honor, in the wave of globalization, sustainable development, always invincible.

Zhang Gongwu Yang Lian Deng Hunan Packaging Economy Research Base

Source: "Journal of Zhuzhou Institute of Technology"

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