Chlorine series cleaners have excellent cleaning ability, good drying properties, no burning, and low price, but the cleaners contaminate water quality and are therefore limited. Japan Confucius Industrial Co., Ltd. and Iwatani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. jointly developed a non-polluting EE-3000 ink cleaning agent.

When using the screen printing method to print a large number of prints, the same screen must be used repeatedly. Because of the unique properties of ink, network blocking will occur and affect the printing quality. In order to eliminate blocking mesh, the screen should be cleaned. In addition, after the printing operation, the ink attached to the screen is removed so that it can be screen-washed for the next use. However, the cleaning agent has a great influence on the printing adaptability. Therefore, it is necessary to select the cleaning agent having the least influence on the screen plate, and it is not possible to damage the printing plate on the screen plate. Screen printing ink contains propylene, polyester, epoxy resin, etc., should be selected according to the type of ink cleaning agent.

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Product Description

1:Unique angles segmented hatchback adjustment design makes it more suitable for traditional massage.


2:Double insured knobs and long-short height adjustment foot design make the Massage Table more stable, and suitable for different Massage Therapist.


3:Apply to the massage parlour, beauty salon, SPA center, Hotel and family use.


4:Fashion style, adjustable Hatchback, Superior real wood structure, bold firm steel wire rope.


5:Bring you a comfortable, green, safe enjoyment.


We can custom any styles any size of Electric Facial Bed, Hydraulic Facial Bed, wood Facial Bed , massage table, facial bed, facial massage chair, Shampoo Chair, Barber Chair , styling chair, child chair, waiting chair, dressing mirror, reception table, pedicure spa,aluminum massage table,portable massage table, Nail Table , massage chair, master chair, trolley, Bed Cover , footstep and cushion according to your requirements.

Massage Table

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