Australia's new Sipahh milk-flavored straw uses a patented Unistraw system to dissolve flavoured "beads" into the beverage as it passes through the straw. The system consists of straws, filters and flavoring particles in three parts, which overcomes the shortcomings of previous taste pipette products. Suction straws are made from transparent, food-grade polypropylene renewable materials with a food-grade plasticizer/toughener added to prevent the straw from breaking or breaking. The straw has a diameter of about 0.26 inches and a length of about 7.08 inches. The filter is also made of food-grade polypropylene and welded to both ends of the pipette. The patented conical shape minimizes resistance to liquid passing through the pipette while the company's UniBead flavouring particles are retained. Suction tube. Each straw contains approximately 4g of UniBead, a round granule with a diameter of 0.08in, which dissolves into the beverage and increases its taste, vitamins, or other ingredients.

Source: Guangdong Packaging

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