Patent Name Medical Overlay Bag Patent Applicant Qi Jia New Principal Applicant Address 250021 Room 401, Building 1, No. 7 Yuandian Road, Huaiyin, Jinan, Shandong Province Inventor Qi Jiaxin; Xin Shaowei; Huang Junrong Application (Patent) No. 200420039789.3 Date 2004.04.13 Certification date Approval notice number 2741590 Approval announcement date 2005.11.23 Manual CD-ROM number D0547 Main classification number A61M37/00 Classification number A61M37/00 Division Original application number Priority item Abstract A medical external bag, inner layer Between the weaving cloth 7 and the outer waterproof layer 2, a medical absorbent cotton 4 is arranged. Between the non-woven fabric 7 and the non-woven cloth 5, a medicine sandwich 6 is arranged. The periphery of the outer bag and the middle are fixed by a sewing thread 3, and one side is provided. The absorbent bag 8 with the elastic band 9 and the double sided tape 1 on the other side. The medicine bag has a long replacement period to avoid skin eczema and is easy to use. Sovereignty items 1. A medical dressing bag, including an outer packaging layer, characterized in that medical absorbent cotton [4] is interposed between the inner non-woven fabric [7] and the outer waterproof layer [2], and the non-woven fabric [7] Between the non-woven fabric [5] there is a charge sandwich [6], and the circumference of the external bag is fixed with the sewing thread [3].

Counter stools and bar stools are a go-to choice when a conventional table is not present in the dining room. In compact dining spaces and those with a tall tables, you'll love the extra height a stool provides. And while sitting up a bit higher is appreciated, you'll also enjoy the added decorative impact a bar or counter stool introduces to the room. Whether your dining area follows a traditional design or is filled with ultra-modern decor, there is a stool here to fit your style.

Slightly taller than a familiar pair of armchairs or side chairs meant for the dining room, these well-designed stools are welcomed and appreciated at bar height tables. Often found at home at the kitchen counter or island, adding a pair of counterheight stools to the dining room offers an unusual decorating element that you and your guests will be sure to notice. From colorful seating options to those inspired by classic Scandinavian aesthetics, you'll enjoy browsing through this collection of stools to find just the right style for your eating area.

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