Patent Name A Pesticide Packaging Bucket Patent Applicant Jiangsu Kesheng Group Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address 224700 Wu Yanyan, inventor of 888 Yanhuai Road, Jianhu County, Jiangsu Province; Cui Ya Application (patent) No. 200420062170.4 Date of Application 2004.06.28 Date of Approval Audit No. 2730798 Approval Notice Day 2005.10.05 Instruction CD No. D0540 Main Classification No. B65D85/82 Classification No. B65D85/82; B65D1/12; B65D55/02 Sub-division Original Application No. Item Summary This invention provides a Pesticide packaging barrels. The utility model is mainly composed of a cover and a barrel body. Two to four bosses are correspondingly arranged on the outer edge of the cover and the barrel body. Sealing through holes are provided on the bosses. In the utility model, the bosses with the sealed through holes are correspondingly arranged on the outer edges of the cover and the barrel body. In this way, at the time of delivery, the sealing line passes through the above-mentioned sealed through holes to seal or lock with locks. To prevent the pail from being stolen in the process of transportation and sales, and to prevent the forgery; when the user opens, simply cut the seal line or open the lock, and the pail will not be damaged; if it fails to use the pesticide inside After the end, the lid and the barrel are locked with a small lock to prevent the children from opening it privately to avoid accidents. After use, the packaging barrel can be reused by the manufacturer for multiple uses, saving raw materials and energy, and reducing the cost of production packaging. . The utility model can also be used for the packaging of paints, coatings, seeds and hardware products and the like. Sovereignty item 1. A pesticide packaging barrel mainly composed of a lid and a barrel body, characterized in that two to four bosses are provided corresponding to the outer edges of the lid and the barrel body, and the bosses are provided with sealed through holes. . International Application International Announcement Date of Entry into the Country Patent Agencies Nanjing Zhonglian Patent Agency Co., Ltd. Agency Address Agent Liu Xinxin

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