Patent Name Valve Sealing Box Patent Applicant Nan Chaoyang Principal Applicant Address 450008 7th Floor, Tower A, Fortune Plaza, Junction of Jingsan Road and Fengchan Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province Inventor Nan Chaoyang Application (Patent) No. 200420074801.4 Date of Application 2004.10.09 Date of Approval Audit No. 2730794 Approval Date 2005.10.05 Specification CD No. D0540 Main Classification No. B65D85/68 Classification No. B65D85/68; B65D6/06 Sub-division Original Application No. Priority Item Abstract This utility model discloses a valve oil seal package The box comprises a pull-out box body, and a rectangular hollow box core is arranged in the pull-out box body; a circular hole corresponding to the outer diameter of the valve oil seal is opened on the top wall of the rectangular hollow box core. The utility model has the advantages of adopting a pull type box body, a hollow box core arranged in the pull type box body, and a round hole corresponding to the outer diameter of the valve oil seal opened on the top wall of the hollow box core, and can be placed when placed. Each valve oil seal is independently inserted in the round hole, so that the collision between the valve oil seals is avoided and damage is caused, which facilitates the storage and transport of the valve oil seals. Sovereignty item 1, a valve oil seal package box, which comprises a pull-out box body (1), characterized in that: a rectangular hollow box core (2) is arranged inside the pull-out box body (1); The top wall of the rectangular hollow core (2) is provided with a circular hole (3) corresponding to the outer diameter of the valve oil seal. International Application International Announcement Date of Entry into the Country Patent Agency Organization Address of Zhengzhou Yikai Patent Office Agency Han Hua

 Sport Grass wide used in many sports such as football, golf, tennis. We use imported high quality raw materials, up to EU SGS international environmental standards. Up to LABOSPORT environmental, anti-UV, fireproof standard. Imported high quality additives, excellent performance of anti-UV and abrosion resistance. Grass color bright and natural, sport turf soft and smooth, high biofidelity, comparable to natural grass .



Pile Height






Stitch(1 m)







8 years

Loading quantity

3600 square meter/20GP


In roll with polybag covered

Roll width

2m,4m or 5m available

Roll length

25m or as per actual need


Soccer and other sports

Sport Grass

Sport Grass


 Q1. How can I get samples?

A: Available samples offered for free, shipping fee is on buyer side. 
Q2. Can your factory accept OEM order?
A:YES! We can !Pile height,Dtex,stitches gauge,pirce, logo, quantities, woven bags,color boxes can be discussed and with more competitive price.
Q3. What is the warranty of the product?
A:The warranty of the grass is 5-8 years depending on usage.

Q4.The Lead time?
 A:Normally 10~15days, based on the Qty of your PO.


Sport Grass

Sport Grass,Fake Grass,Sports Turf,Sporting Faux Grass

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