ExxonMobil Chemical announced the successful development of a new, customizable coextrusion packaging solution, the NexxstarTM stretch sleeve, which can be used to bring considerable benefits to film producers and end users. Compared with the existing packaging technology in the end-of-line packaging application of the production line, using this new series of resin structure products can bring users the following benefits: reduce costs and provide packaging materials with excellent toughness and optical properties.

Lachenmeier A/S is a world-leading manufacturer of end-of-line packaging equipment. Its products include stretch-sleeve packaging equipment. In cooperation with Lachenmeier, ExxonMobil Chemical successfully developed this new packaging technology for different end-use applications on the latest industrial stretch-sleeve packaging equipment (using a co-extruded structure and using High-performance EscoreneTM Ultra copolymers and ExceedTM metallocene polyethylene).

Ken Glover, global marketing manager for polyethylene at ExxonMobil Chemical Co., Ltd., said: “We have conducted extensive analysis of this new coextruded stretch-sleeve technology, and the results show that the technology is used in many indicators, such as the amount of each pallet film, production, Cost, cargo protection, and packaging speed are all advantages over shrink sleeve packaging technology.In addition, this new technology is a very attractive alternative to cardboard packaging.Compared with the typical packaging technology now used, this The film structure used in the technology has achieved a leap in performance. We can optimize the film structure for a wide range of market applications, so that our customers can customize the most suitable film structure according to the specific conditions of each application field."

Per Lachenmeier, general manager of Lachenmeier A/S, said: “This new generation of thin film technology fills a gap in the end-of-line packaging industry market. The market application results show that this technology is suitable for a wide range of applications. Polymers, fertilizers, building materials, appliances, foods, beverages, and other bottled products can all benefit from this new technology."

At present, this technology is oriented toward global service. The advantages of adopting Nexxstar stretch sleeve solution are: it can reduce the production cost (more than 30%), and this can be done because the thin film structure can be thinned (reduced film thickness) while maintaining the same clamp The level of holding force; the new film has excellent puncture resistance, which can improve the integrity of the package and reduce the damage to the product during transportation and storage. In addition, the excellent transparency of the film allows the readable bar code to be more convenient and improves the recognizability of the original trademark of the product, thereby eliminating the need for additional labels on the outer package.

This innovative technology is the result of ExxonMobil Chemical's advanced polyethylene production process and film application technology, providing end-users and downstream manufacturers with a new generation of better performing products. The custom co-extruded packaging solution for customers will provide Nexxstar TM consulting and customer design services according to customer requirements.

Source: Foreign Plastics

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