Fuqiangxin Company promoted its hybrid "AE series" high speed closed loop injection molding machine. After more than four years of development, the product has formed a complete series of clamping force from 30 tons to 550 tons and injection volume from 20 grams to 1200 grams.

AE series uses the latest electric servo motor screw drive technology (ESD, Electric Screw Drive) and full closed loop control, combined with the German MOOG high speed closed loop servo valve and accumulator, the maximum speed of up to 500mm/sec (general models are 200mm/sec or less, and with injection compression function, suitable for the production of ultra-thin and 3C electronic precision products. The ESD structure of this model not only saves 35% energy compared with the traditional hydraulic type, but also forms a double-loop system. It can perform compounding of the feeding and switch modules to shorten the molding time.

The AE-400 has been actually used in the production of an eight-cavern 500cc ultra-thin cup (0.4mm). With a full servo-side robot and an automated stacker, the molding cycle time is only 8 seconds. If the production of a four-cavity 500CC ultra-thin bowl can be up to 6.5 seconds, high speed, high output and high automation.

Information Source: Packaging and Latitude

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