A lot of rock climbing enthusiasts who have been involved for a long time are very strenuous when they buy shoes. They are expensive and have little choice. Now they are different. The choice of rock climbing shoes also makes sense.
The choice of shoes is nothing more than: performance, price and durability. The price of good shoes is naturally expensive, and the price is not within the scope of discussion, mainly on performance and durability.

1. Lace-up, valcro, and slipper-style shoes are particularly "foot-to-foot" and have strong support for the foot, so it is suitable for long-distance climbing and very small The fulcrum, relatively speaking, his sensitivity is poor; sticky-button shoes are easy to put on and off, the movement of the soles of the feet is more flexible, but the supporting force is relatively insufficient, especially after long-term climbing, the feet in the shoes will feel " Roll (skid)". For a typical indoor artificial rock climbing, the whole process of a route is only a few minutes, which is not obvious, and it must be considered in long-distance multi-section climbing.
Slipper-type rock climbing shoes are the simplest and generally the cheapest. They are more suitable for indoor or bouldering.

2. Leather and synthetic leather shoes have good stretchability and breathability. When choosing shoes, you should choose smaller ones, because with the increase of the use time, the shoes will be stretched, that is, deformation is more serious, in order to overcome this problem, Some leather shoes are lining, so the shoes can be selected slightly larger; synthetic shoes are lighter, softer in texture, suitable for competitive players, and have little stretching ability.
Synthetic shoes can be brushed, and the cortex is not, so sweating is a serious problem. There are cleaners on the market, you can try it, there is a recipe, spray liquor to the shoes, but also play a role in sterilization and deodorization.

3. The thickness and hardness of the soles are carefully analyzed. The soles are divided into two layers, the midsole and the rubber sole. The midsole is mainly a supporting role, and the outer shoe glue provides friction. Generally, a brand of shoes uses the same rubber. In addition to the difference in the thickness of the rubber sole, the overall hardness of the shoe has a large difference in perception, which is mainly due to the use of different midsoles. The hard and thick soles are suitable for long-distance climbs of natural rock walls and are relatively technically poor; while thin and soft soles are suitable for athletics, and of course wear is much faster.

4. Shoes maintenance shoes are most afraid of heat, high temperatures will make the shoes open plastic, seriously affecting the service life, and other hot rocks make the rubber soften and accelerate wear.

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